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BSBMGT617 Business Plan Assignment Help

BSBMGT617 Business Plan Assignment Help 


Business plan is very important for any business. Business plan gives detailed guidelines about what needs to be done in future. It helps identifying all the factors that are relevant to the business. It gives direction to the management. Therefore, business plans are prepared in detail. A business plan discusses factors like the objective of the business, its key products or services, financial projections, market analysis, supplier information, sales forecast etc. To summarize, it can be said that an ideal business plan covers everything that is necessary to accomplish a business task. It has been one year already since the management of the Oz house Clean Company has undertaken their new plan to broaden their business. From the implementation of the plan till the date, many things have changed in the business firm. It has both good and bad things to show the management of the company.

Positive Attributes of the Business:-

Since the implementation of the new business concept, the business firm has earned some positive attributes. They are as –

·       Increase in sales revenue, gross profit margin.

·       Reduction in the debtor days is also very satisfactory.

·       Have gained new customers in the commercial cleaning market.

·       Overall commercial successful is observed in the last one year.

Negative Attributes of the Business:-

However, with the development of positive attributes for the business, there have emerged some negative points for the business as well.

·       Lost old clients.

·       The quality of the job has decreased according to the customers.

·       Old contractors have left the company.

Although the company has seen financial gain, certain non-financial factors such as feedback towards service providers raises concern. In order to retain the customers, it seems to be important to train and monitor the employees properly.

 Assessment Task 1: Developing a Business Plan:-

 Review & Evaluation of the Case:-

Ozhouse Clean is a business firm that provides cleaning services to professional clients, domestic clients and to spring clients as well. The business firm is based on a family business established in 2005. The family members are the owners of the business and the administrative manager of the firm is also a family member. The business is not so big but has a regular customer that keeps the business running.

At the recent time, the business wants to increase its size and compete with the other similar business firms. It wants to appoint full-time cleaners instead of part-time cleaners and wants to use environment friendly cleaning items instead of those which are not environment friendly. In order to bring these changes, I, the operational manager of Ozhouse Clean will conduct research and prepare a detailed business plan.

Business Plan:-

Plan/Project: The new plan or project taken over by the management at the meeting is to enter the commercial cleaning market with environment-friendly services.

Duration of the Project: 3 years.

The stakeholders: The stakeholders will be the customers, the management team, and the staff of the company.

Objective: The objective of the new business plan is

  • To enter the commercial business market.

  • To provide environmentally friendly cleaning services.

Vision:  Vision of the project is to provide the best environment-friendly services to the customers with minimum pollution.

Resource requirements: Various resources are required for implementing the management plan. At first, I will collect data on the management plans. Then the data related to the customers will be collected. All the necessary and related data should be available for a better research of the current management plans.

A risk assessment: Risk assessment is very important in any business. Whether the business is small or big, whether the business is domestic or global, there must be a risk assessment before the execution of any plan related to the future of that particular business.


The competitors of Ozhouse Clean are

1.     Sparkle cleaning

2.     Top cleaner

3.     Shine Bright

Sparkle cleaning has an advantage of cleaning with environment friendly items. The other two, although do not use environment friendly item, but offer services at much lower cost compared to Ozhouse Clean.

Customer Needs

The customers nowadays are much concerned about the wellness of the environment that surrounds them. Therefore, they are ready to pay a higher price if the service providers use environment friendly products.

Pricing Strategy

Now, if Ozhouse Clean switch to environment friendly product, there cost will definitely increase. Therefore, they will need to charge a higher price for their service.


As Ozhouse Clean wants to switch to environment friendly items, it needs new suppliers. Some good options of suppliers are

·       Jet cleaner

·       Fast wash

·       Aussie cleaner and toiletries.

While selecting suppliers, they will look for a reliable source that is not very expensive but provides good quality products.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs for Ozhouse Clean are

·       Profit generation

·       Customer base

·       Loyalty

·       Market reputation


Discussion with the Management Team & Feedback Received:-

After making the business plan myself as the operation manager, I collaborated with the directors of the company and the administrative manager of the company. At the meeting, I presented my plan to further develop the current stage of the business. Though it was a tough job, at the end all the higher management agreed to implement the plan for the development of the business.

Assessment Task 2: Coaching Meeting:-

 Ozhouse Clean is a business firm that provides cleaning services to its clients. The company has a reputation for its good work quality and services provided to the clients. But, recently a few of the old clients are complaining about the service quality provided by the company.

Being the operational manager, it is my duty to respond to the complaints of the clients and to solve them as soon as possible for the betterment of the company.

Conduct Meeting & Coaching

First of all, I will conduct a meeting with the service providers to let them know about the dissatisfaction of the customers. I will remind them about the work standard followed by Ozhouse Clean and instruct them to follow that properly.

Actions Taken

1.     Coaching of the contractors

2.     Giving them a prospectus about the service standards

3.     Increasing monitoring

4.     Take regular feedbacks.


Business plan holds utmost importance for any business. Therefore, before preparing a business plan, one should study about the steps of preparing it and learn the art as well. After a business plan is prepared, however, it does not mean that it should not be changed. As circumstances change, the business plan might need to be updated. Also, it needs to be analysed that how the plan is affecting the business. In this way, an organization can achieve success.


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