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BSBMGT608 Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement

BSBMGT608 Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement

BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement

Assessment 1: Review programs, systems and processes

You must provide/submit ONE Report (5 – 7 pages)

´  Your report must include:

´  Key Systems and processes used by A.C Gilbert

´  Review strategy for the three processes

´  Monitoring performance

´  Analyse the variance

´  Trends relevant to the organization

´  Advise from specialists

Suggested report format

1.    Introduction

·        Briefly introduce the assignment details.

·        Explain the purpose of this task

·        Provide a brief overview/background of A.C. Gilbert

2.    Key systems and process used by A.C. Gilbert (refer to student work book pages 17 and 18 and the diagram on page 15 and 16 of the appendix).Briefly explain what you mean by the following and how they are followed in A.C. Gilbert

a.      Supply Chain

·        Supply chains represent the procurement, production and distribution activities of an organisation.

·        Within a supply chain, these activities are viewed as linked and reliant on one another to produce the final outcome.

·        A.C. Gilbert supply chain includes -  acquisition of raw material, systems and process and sales delivery

b.     Operational system

·        Use the diagram on page 16 of the appendix and explain

c.      Product and service delivery

·        Use the diagram on page 15 of the appendix


3.    Analysis of the key systems and review strategy (Page 21 – 36)

3a. KRAs and KPIs (provide a minimum of three KPIs for each KRAs from the case study)

3b. Performance review process of the three systems (page 21)

Explain, in detail with relevant information from the case study using diagrams, tables, flow charts, any one of the processes you will use to review the performance of the three systems. E.g.

§  process maps

·        Completing an analysis of each step of the process allows for the identification of improvements and process efficiencies. This involves identifying the start and end points of the process, and mapping all steps in between those two points.

§  SWOT analysis                                          

§  benchmarking

§  check sheets

§  graphs and charts.


3b Example of using a Balanced scorecard for reviewing AC Gilbert Performance between 1961-1967

3c A sample service level agreement (provide a sample service level agreement - student handbook page – 37)

·        For example, a delivery organisation may have SLAs in place to advise customers that they can expect all deliveries to be made within 24 hours of order.

4.    Effectiveness and Improvements. (Using the data provided for results up to 1966, for each of the three key systems)  - Analyse the table above and write your reflections in 3-5 paragraphs

a.      Describe how each of your measures, assessment tools and techniques would monitor performance. Include specific examples or hypothetical cases to test the effectiveness of the elements of your review strategy.

b.      Write an evaluation of the effectiveness of your review strategy

c.      Suggest improvements to your strategy

8.    Conclusion

Provide a brief summary of the report and what next from here 

BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and Continuous improvement

Task 2 Develop options for continuous improvement 

You must submit 4 pieces of evidence

1.    One-page+ performance improvement strategy

2.    20–30 minute team briefing and consultation session (We will do the group discussion on 2nd and 3rd weeks

This role play is absolutely mandatory and you can present to a small group, once you are ready with your strategy. All the members of your group who observe you will comment and sign in the document and I will co-sign with my own comments

3.    Written risk analysis

4.    Written cost-benefit analysis


 1.      Prepare a one page+ performance improvement strategy. The following elements should be there:

a)      What are your strategic goals?

b)      How are you going to change the current process in 2017? List your ideas

c)    Explain how these will improve the performance and the company will look competitive.

d)    For each new option/idea

1.      Develop a risk analysis

2.      Develop a cost benefit analysis ( sample templates and examples are attached)

3.      Get approval from the group and the Assessor

(e.g of new ideas – Digital means of advertising – Google ads / personalized advertising on social media- new toys based on movie themes --  large super market sales and not small retailers and so on….)

e)  What are your new KRAs, KPIs, targets….


2.      Briefing and consultation session.

a)      Once you are ready with your strategy, you can present to the group. All the members of your group who observe you will comment and sign in the document and I will co-sign with my own comments

b)      Ask the group to go over the pros & cons and incorporate changes to the strategy. 

Detailed Template

1. Performance improvement strategy:

a) Strategic goals (Task1 Appendix 1…use the actions taken by Jack Wrather and come up with other SMART goals --- e.g. To become a market leader in educational toys/ To increase profits…. )

b) New performance improvement strategies in 2017 (Student WB pg. 57) &

c) How your performance will improve competitiveness

(Process re-engineering/ New technology/ Training employees/ New product range / New advertisement models etc…)

(List at least 2 strategies for each Key Result Area… you can list more if you like)

Part 2: Briefing and consultation session: (10 -15 minutes for each person) What should you present to the group?

-        How the innovation will improve organization performance

-        How the innovation links to the organisation’s strategic and operational goals

-        Details of risk assessments

-        Details of completed cost-benefit-analysis (CBA)

-        Details of how the innovation will be implemented

Take notes of what other members say and revise your original Innovation plan if necessary. 

Assessment Task 3 - Unit Project (UP) - Implement innovative processes   

Assessment Task Instructions 

You must provide:

       action plans for transition, communication

       two contingency plans related to transition and communication action plans

       a written analysis of the causes of implementation failure

       amended action plans and contingency plans

       evaluation and continuous improvement schedule. 

Assessment task Procedures 

      1.      Turn to the case study ‘Implement an innovative process’ (Appendix 1 provide at the end of this task).

      2.      Review ‘Part 1 – Implementation’. Examine all aspects of the new process to be implemented.

      3.      Develop action plans for 1) transition, and 2) communication. In each action plan, include:

                      a.      activities, objectives, measures (KPIs), timeframes

                      b.      activities to promote the process and sustainability

                      c.      activities to communicate costs and benefits to relevant people

                      d.      activities to reduce any negative impact on people.

      4.      Develop at least two contingency plans related to possible implementation issues you foresee in relation to activities in your action plans.

      5.      Review ‘Part 2 – Follow up’. Examine implementation issues and failures.

      6.      Critically analyse the causes of these implementation failures and draft a report describing how the contingency plans will address them.

      7.      Amend action plans and contingency plans to address the implementation failures.

      8.      Develop a schedule for evaluation and continuous improvement. Include regularly scheduled:

                      a.      evaluation activities, regularly repeated over a suitable timeframe

                      b.      evaluation activities to capture learnings from all work activities

                      c.      activities to embed learning into work processes.

      9.      Submit documents to your assessor as per the specifications above. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records. 

Assessment 3 - Appendix 1: Implement an innovative process


Part 1 – Implementation

John Jones, a Production Manager at A. C. Gilbert, has developed an idea for improving efficiencies in the manufacturing process at A. C. Gilbert. The idea came as a result of the innovative ideas program, and John has successfully trialled the program on one line in the processing plant.

The program has been evaluated and found to be successful, and you are now in the process of implementing the program company-wide.

Overview of the program

The goal of the program is to increase productivity, reduce waste, improve sustainability, and reduce errors on production lines by 20% by allocating specialist team members to individual lines.

A secondary goal is to reduce staff turnover from an average of 32% per annum to 20% per annum, thus improving the skill levels and efficiencies of the plant and reducing costs in recruiting and training new staff.

Production staff and process workers will be divided into five different teams. Each team will be responsible for the manufacturing of five product lines. Team members will only work on their specialty line, and rosters will be altered to ensure adequate staff on each line during the 12-hour production cycle. This may involve changes to staff rosters, in some cases by implementing 12-hour shifts, but will not impact on earnings or result in the loss of any hours of work.

John also suggested involving teams in goal setting and objective setting for their own product lines. Each month they meet to develop production and error rate projections for the next, with a goal to continuously improve both rates to achieve a maximum of 4% error rate and a 40% increase in productivity within 24 months. Current error rates are at 22%.

To incorporate this change, production lines will be closed for 48 hours for retooling. During this period, staff will be re-trained in the production of their designated lines by shift supervisors. Training required will include technical training, motivational training and quality control procedures along with goal and objective setting workshops.




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