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BSBLDR502 Management Assignment Help(3)

BSBLDR502 Management Assignment Help(3)

BSBLDR502 Management Assignment Help(3)

Assessment Task 3: Networking project

Task summary:-

You are required, in the role of General Manager of Accountancy Victoria, to plan networking opportunities for yourself for the upcoming 12 months, as well as participate in a networking opportunity.

This assessment is to be completed in the simulated work environment in the RTO.

Assessment Task 3 Instructions

Complete the following activities:

1. Identify networks

Research at least three networks that may be relevant to yourself in the role of General Manager of Accountancy Victoria. This could be an association for managers or a local business network. It could also be a Facebook Group set up specifically for managers.

You will record these networks/events in the next part of the assessment. For each of the networks that you have selected, identify events provided by the network over the next 12 months. Identify at least 4 events that are of interest to you in the role of General Manager of Accountancy Victoria and that would be of benefit to the team and/or company.

Bear in mind that when you complete your networking plan, one of the opportunities that you identify must be a networking opportunity that you participate in and report on as part of this assessment task. This networking opportunity can be something as simple as identifying and reviewing a relevant LinkedIn group or participating in a free webinar. Make notes to use in your networking plan. The network system can be distinctive composes. All network systems are not very good for each organization. There are some system open doors which are given beneath:

Conference and Events: It is an essential chance to develop a system with various kinds of individuals

Online Networking: Online systems administration gives staffs to impart other nation individuals and assemble a system.

Training Program: Training can enhance the organization arrange.

2. Develop a networking plan

Complete the Networking Plan Template for the next 12 months. You will need to complete the plan in full to show the details of the networking events you have identified are relevant to the role of General Manager of Accountancy Victoria. The plan should show full details of the event, including the name of the event, where it will be held, date and time and the cost of the event. You should also provide a brief description of the expected benefit to yourself (in the role of General Manager), as well as for the team of staff that you are responsible for in the role of General Manager of Accountancy Victoria.

Networking Plan

3. Participate in, and report on, a networking opportunity Participate in a free networking opportunity that you identified in your plan.

After you have participated in the opportunity, complete the Networking Report Template.

All of the documents you submit must be in clear and concise English and submitted by the date advised by your assessor.

Network Report:-

1. Provide a brief overview of the purpose of the networking activity.

The reason for systems administration is to meet with various people and trade the data, counsel, thoughts by utilizing a meeting procedure for enhancing the correspondence and different abilities.

2. What did you most like about the networking activity? The best thing about systems administration is to impart data to others and accumulate information from them.

3. What did you least like? The least like thing I like that in most occasions are not worth the time or cash as you're probably not going to make valuable contacts.

4. What benefits did participating in this networking provide to you? For an individual, the advantages of systems administration are raising the profile, enhance certainty, make associations and openings and offer information.

5. What benefits do you believe that participating in this network could provide to a workplace team? For the cooperation, it helps efficiency, gives an encouraging group of people and empowers creations.

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