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BSBLDR502 Management Assignment Help(2)

BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

Assessment Task 2:

Policies and procedures development project

Accountancy Victoria is based in Footscray, a suburb of Melbourne, and provides accountancy and bookkeeping services for a range of clients. Accountancy Victoria was established by two Directors who are the Senior Accountants for the company. Other staff employed are three accountants, a bookkeeper, and an Office Manager. The company is expanding due to the demand for accountancy services and will employ a further three senior accountants in the next 2 months, as well as an Officer Manager and Client Services Coordinator. You have recently been appointed as the General Manager of Accountancy Victoria. Your role is to manage the day to day operations of the company. The first task you have been allocated is to establish formal systems and processes for a range of areas, as currently most of the company’s systems and processes are informal. To start the process of creating formal systems and processes, you have been asked to develop systems and processes for workplace communication, consultation, as well as a Code of Conduct and dispute resolution processes. Each document must be written in clear and concise English, be professionally presented, grammatically correct and error free. The document should also be written according to the Style Guide and be of approximately 2 pages.

1.Develop a Code of Conduct:-

Use the Internet to identify and review staff Codes of Conduct from other, similar organizations.

Your staff Code of Conduct must be in your own words and include:

·         Introduction: the purpose of the Code

·         Scope: who it applies to

·         Details of expected personal and professional behavior (as a minimum, this should address a range of ethical behaviors, as well             as behaviors appropriate to working within a diverse workplace)

·         Conflict of interest requirements

·         Gifts, benefits, and hospitality

·         Outside employment and consulting

Purpose of the Code:-

Improve the standard of the conduct of the workers.


I, as a General Manager of Accountancy Victoria, am applying the code to all workers. Every worker needs to keep up the social tenets which are chosen in the code. They need to indicate moral conduct. There is a differentiate work environment in the association. Along these lines, the representatives get more space to chip away at. They need to manage the customer professionally. Individual conduct isn't relevant in the workplace.

Code of Conduct:-

There is some irreconcilable circumstance in the set of principles. The way Accountancy Victoria gives some additional advantages to the individuals who will keep up the conduct.

1. The job responsibility is to certify that during the working period with the organization he or she is bound to abide by the core ethics and compliance

2. Legality is an mandatory concern which strictly should be maintained which will never disgraceful with the country policy

3. Should be responsible for the property loss (if intentionally)

4. Official timeliness and dress code should be followed strictly

5. Professionalism and professional behaviour with the colleagues, line managers, stakeholders etc. Is highly appreciable

6. Irresponsibility with assigned work might be an sack concern

7. Official environment is friendly, and all are requested to make it as it is. This is our second family.

8. Conflict of interest is important concern for all of the employees- Morality is mandatory; financial other ethical personal interest will be strictly prohibition as per code.

9. Employees will not abuse any offering by the Company. As per HR policy all interest based on performance criteria will be awarded.

10. Employees will be sent for in-house and abroad training based on scope and performance

11. Use of social media should be encouraged in terms of marketing and others if advised by line managers.

2.Develop Workplace Communication and Consultation Policy and Procedures:-

Your policy and procedure should describe the mechanisms that will be used for internal communications, as well as how staff can provide input into a range of work-related matters. Your research could include a review of other workplace communication or consultation policies and/or procedures.

The document you develop must be in your own words, and about two pages long.

The policy and procedures should include, at a minimum, the following information:

·         Purpose

·         Scope

·         Communication strategies for communicating with staff: type, purpose, and frequency. You should include at least four strategies            in your policy and procedure. 

·         Communication protocols for meetings in relation to sending out of agendas and writing up of minutes.

·         Consultation process: the ways in which staff can contribute to workplace issues (e.g. surveys, suggestion forms, etc.). You must            include at least three. Provide specific detail about the consultation mechanism. For example, for a suggestion box indicate the              location of the box and how suggestions will be recorded and actioned.

3. Develop Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures :-

The dispute resolution policy and procedures need to be established so that all staff is aware of what dispute resolution procedures are in place.

The dispute resolution policy and procedures need to address the following:

·         Purpose of the policy

·         Scope: who it applies to

·         What constitutes a dispute

·         Responsibilities of managers in disputes

·         Responsibilities of employees in disputes

·         The process by which a dispute will be handled.

You may review dispute resolution policies and procedures to guide the development of your document. However, the document must be in your own words.

4.Send an email to staff (your assessor):-

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.The email should provide a clear and simple summary of the attachments and invite staff to provide feedback. As the staff has varying levels of education and the bookkeeper's first language is not English, ensure your email is written in plain English so as to be easily be understood by all recipients.

The staff (your assessor) will provide you with feedback, which you should incorporate into your documents.

Attach the following to the email.

·         Code of Conduct

·         Workplace Communication and Consultation Policy and Procedures

·         Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures

5.Revise your workplace documents. Update your code of conduct and policies and procedures, incorporating feedback that you have received from the staff:-

Save these documents as updated versions.

We revised our all workplace documents and updated the code of conduct and also the policies and procedures. And we will implement this soon.

New Answer: Updated Code of Conduct:

After reviewing the company’s code of conduct, there need some sections that needs to be updated. From the past code of conduct, we have to update the managers responsibilities and roles in the company. Also, in the updated codes of conduct the employees need to take the responsivities in company’s work along their own works. There should be a quality skilled communication system in the company

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