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BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace relationships

BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace relationships

BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace relationships

Assessment Task 2 – Group Project

You have received an email from Chang Lin, Business Operations Manager.

Subject: Performance Reviews of Retail Outlets


As part of the Bizops enterprises annual review process, Senior Management has been

undertaking a review of the performance of each of our 150 retail outlets. The store that

you manage has been flagged as we are aware that there has been some issues as only

5 out of 15 staff members are permanent employees.

Our current business plan is aiming for an increase in revenue of 15% per annum over

the next five years, with a profit level of 15%, of which 75% will be re-invested in the


You store is fairly typical of our retail outlets and has a forecast income of $1,000,000 in

the next financial year, with expenditure budgeted at $850,000, leaving a cash profit of


We understand that your staff members are feeling a overwhelmed about the increased

targets in the business plan. Popular opinion among management is that, with the

current staffing levels and high proportion of casual staff, it will not be possible to

achieve these targets. They have also realised that over the past few months the store

has fallen short of its targets by about 10%, creating an expectation that some casual

staff may lose work.

I urge you to look more closely at the issues at your outlet.

Please refer to the instructions to the student section that follows for the tasks I require

you to complete.


Chang Lin

Business operations manager

Instructions to the Student: The following Bizops Organisational documents and

policies are available on Moodle:

Company Business Plan

Organisation Operational Plan Code of Conduct Policy

Vision, Mission and Values Statement.

The following Assessment can be conducted in a Group of Maximum 3 Students.

However, each Student must submit individual Assessment hard copies to the Trainer.


Complete the following tasks in a word-processed document.

  1. The work culture in your store is clearly having an impact on workplace productivity and relationships. You have realised that the prevailing culture is dictated by the nature of the Bizops activities and the people, including yourself, who work in the store. Outline some strategies that you could adopt to help the people in your store to more closely reflect the values outlined in the vision, mission and values statement.

  2. Develop a 12-month strategy that will enable you to regularly consult with your team and review their combined and individual performance towards achieving the goals set out in the business and operational plans.

  3. One of your lowest-performing sales staff members has put a post on Face Book that he is looking for another job as Bizops is going downhill. You have decided that you need to conduct a performance interview with this person. However, you are uncomfortable running performance meetings, so you plan to make some notes in advance that will help make the meeting positive .prepare approximately one page of notes to use in the meeting.

  4. During the performance interview, you realise the poor performance and desire to find a new job are due to conflict between sales staff. You have only heard one side of the story; however, the conflict seems to be about excessive competiveness between sales staff. Apparently, some staff members are using inappropriate techniques to steal the sale away from the sales person who made the initial contact with the customer. This originally began as a tearoom challenge, but has evolved into behaviour that is creating animosity between the sales staff. Outline the processes you should adopt to deal with this situation.

  5. In dealing with the conflict, you discover that one of the sales staff members is taking the matter personally and has questioned the level of transparency and fairness that you are using to resolve the matter. Outline what you should do now.




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