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BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

Assessment Task 1- Assignment



Question 1:



  • Describe two strategies you could implement to ensure that workplace team members are familiar with the organisation’s planning and operational documents.

  • Explain how the similarities of the following documents contribute to improving the work of your team:

Vision or mission statement Business or strategic plans

Operational budgets

Team plans

Continuous improvement and quality assurance progresses.

  • Suggest two strategies you could implement for sharing team performance data with team members to improve their work performance.
  • Prepare simple instructions for one of the following task.




- Make accommodation arrangements for a Business trip

- How to operate a new photocopier

- How to complete a leave form

  • List 3 different ways you could present the instructions you developed in question, that could cater for different needs of diverse members.




Question 2: Case Study



Dan is a Corporate Service Manager for a government agency. He oversees the Human Resources, IT, Accounting customer services departments. Three staff members report directly to him. He holds regular divisional meetings where he invites his team to provide updates on work in progress and to raise issues interest or concern. In this way, the various departments are kept informed of each other’s activities. The department heads then report to their own staff on what has been raised at each meeting. Dan also uses these meetings to report on the outcomes of the board and to encourage his members to share their ideas about improving business practices.

Required: List three consultation strategies outlined in the case study.

Question 3:

Describe three ways to encourage external contributions of information that can benefit an organisation.

Question 4: Case study



Netta feels that members of her team have started to lose sight of their overall goals and objectives by becoming too immersed in their daily tasks. She decides to hold a two-hour workplace meeting to briefly revisit the current team planning progress and to brainstorm ways for everyone to become engaged and refocused. She plans to invite a guest speaker, and then run a brainstorming session to involve all of the team for the remaining time.

She invites a planning expert to do presentation as part of the program, but forgot to inform him that he only has 20 minutes allocated to him.


During the presenter speaks for an hour and focuses on what he does each days as a business planner, thinking that this is what he has been asked to do. The brainstorming a session is consequently cut short.




Most of Netta’s team members leave the workshop the feeling frustrated, as they have not had the opportunities to have their views heard and cannot understand why the guest speaker was invited, as his contribution was not suited to the purpose of the workshop. They are also annoyed because the majority of the brainstorming that did not occur was not recorded due to the shortfall in time.






Required: Explain what went wrong with Netta’s planning and suggest how she could

have done things better to ensure a more satisfactory outcome.




Question 5:



  • Imagine that you are the manager of a customer services centre for a large government department. You receive an email from a member of the public complaining about the telephone manner of one of your team members. The email is strongly worded and complains about public servants who don’t respect their clients and waste taxpayers’ money.


Required: Describe how you would handle this situation to accommodate both parties?


  • Describe three ways that you could enhance the quality of work-life balance in a workplace without compromising business objectives. Give examples of the strategies you would use.





Question 6:



  • Give five examples of ways that you have built trust within a workplace team or social group.

  • List five ways a leader could lose their teams trust.

Question 7:



  • Describe three ways of setting a good example for team members.
  • Describe three ways that you believe team members can set good examples.

Question 8:



  • Describe how an organisation can benefit from establishing and maintaining a network.



  • There is professional association for almost every industry in Australia. List two groups that represent people in your professional or industry, or an industry you would like to work in. Describe how you could find out relevant associations.

  • Visit the website of a professional organisation you are interested in and briefly summaries the professional development it can offer you.



Question 9:



  • Prepare a list of signals that may indicates a problem is rising within your workplace.
  • Choose two of the signals from question 9(a) and identify the actions you could take to minimise the problem from occurring.
  • Describe some difficulties that can occur between those working together in a workplace.
  • List the sources you could refer to in order to clarify the factors of a problematic situation.

Question 10:



How would you approach a situation where you have been member who is consistently not performing to the organisational standards, procedure and protocols, despite you having approached them a number of times about their performance.





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