BSBFIA402 – Report on Financial Activity Assignment Help

BSBFIA402 – Report on Financial Activity Assignment Help

BSBFIA402 – Report on Financial Activity Assignment Help

BSBFIA402 Report on Financial Activity

 Assessment pointers

Please scan the subsequent assessment pointers rigorously.

1. the aim of this activity is to assess your data and skills in Report on monetary Activity.

2. If you have got any concerns which will have an effect on your performance within the assessment, please inform your assessor at once. Your administrative official can offer you with an appropriate different to complete this assessment.

3. Your administrative official can mark your assessment and supply feedback and a grade to you via the assessment submission on Moodle.

4. If you're feeling the choice created by your administrative official was incorrect you have got the rights to attractiveness the grading

by filling out AN appeals type which is able to then be handle by the tutorial Manager.

5. A “NYS” (not nonetheless satisfactory) results of this task is also came back to you for a re-assessment. Reassessments should be submitted by AN in agreement date along with your administrative official.

6. The re-assessment work should address the precise performance tasks unquestionably for the administrative official to issue a satisfactory (pass) result. A repeat NYS outcome may lead to AN administration fee for any reassessment.

7. All work should be done one by one. derived work won't be accepted.

By adding my name to the current document, I herewith declare the work is my very own and has not been copied from the other supply.

Task A- Record quality Valuation

1. scan through the situation provided.

2. Review Packet Packaging’s organization's chart of accounts.

3. victimisation the final Journal and quality Register templates given this assessment, record the quality acquisition (including any GST liability).

4. Use new quality and depreciation account names and codes compatible with the structure and committal to writing of the organization’s chart of accounts.

5. Disclose the small print of the quality on the quality Register. properly note credit and debit


6. determine a discrepancy. Follow structure policy to realize authorization to correct error.

7. Submit all documents to your administrative official. make sure you keep a replica of all work submitted for your records.

Appendix - Record quality Valuation

Packett Packaging Pty Ltd could be a business that manufactures and sells cardboard boxes. You are employed by Packett Packaging as AN assistant to the controller. Your duties embrace creating and maintaining quality registers for every of the business’ mounted assets, coding accounts as necessary.

This financial year (2010-11), Packett Packaging purchased a motorcar for the aim of sales. the small print square measure below.

BSBFIA402 – Report on Financial Activity

It is currently thirty June 2011. In preparation for balance day, the Chief money handler (CFO)

requires you to:

● produce a brand new quality and accumulated depreciation accounts specifically for the quality

using the chart of accounts as a guide

● calculate depreciation for every year by victimisation the depreciation then calculate total

(accumulated) depreciate over four years

● disclose the quality info on the quality Register

● complete the final Journal entries for the quality acquisition and depreciation

● follow authorization policy

BSBFIA402 – Report on Financial Activity



You notice a discrepancy. Another employee has created the following unauthorized entry for the acqusition of the sales vehicle.

BSBFIA402 – Report on Financial Activity

Organizational Asset Register Template

BSBFIA402 – Report on Financial Activity

Task B – Prepare a BAS Statement

1. scan the situation provided (see Appendix 1)

2. scan the Packett Packaging Policies and Procedures Manual given the assessment materials.

3. determine the relevant info from the 2 invoices provided and record the financial information in applicable journals, accounting for GST liabilities.

4. Submit all documents to your administrative official. make sure you keep a replica of all work submitted for your records.

5. determine info from the case reports mentioned herein to organize the BAS statement. Note that the acquisition of stock oversubscribed is $90,000 GST enclosed.

6. transfer the BAS worksheet from Moodle – showing quarterly choices for payment.

7. Complete the BAS type (only fill in fields wherever information is needed and available).




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