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BSBDIV601 Develop and implement a diversity policy

BSBDIV601 Develop and implement a diversity policy

BSBDIV601 Develop and implement a diversity policy


• You need to achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ grade in ALL the assessments items to be granted a ‘Competent’ grade in the unit.

• In case you are not able to achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ grade in any assessment task, you will be given three (3) attempts to resubmit your assessment. Your trainer will be available to assist you in any areas of difficulty. Please discuss the assessment with your trainer to seek advice on how you can achieve competency in the unit.

• Where relevant, oral questions may be asked to gather more information on your knowledge, skills and competence in the unit.

• A holistic approach is used to assess your skills relevant to this qualification. The skills are assessed across the different units offered within this qualification. Where a skill relevant to this unit is not assessed within this assessment pack, please note that the skill will be assessed in another unit.

1. What is diversity?

2. List TEN differences that you might consider a diverse workplace to include?

3. Which people are most likely to be discriminated against in Australian society?

4. Give TWO examples of when you have seen or experienced discrimination in Australia or in your home country?

5. Complete the table below in relation to the laws in Australia?

6. What kinds of discrimination are banned according to the anti-discrimination law in Queensland? (To find the answer go to: https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/LEGISLTN/CURRENT/A/AntiDiscrimA91.pdf and look up Part 2, Section 7)?

7. What is direct discrimination?

8. List SIX of the many benefits of working with diversity?

9. What does demonstrating sensitivity involve?

10. Briefly explain Equity and Access?

11. How can a diverse team be more productive in a workplace?

12. What is inclusive communication?

13. Which of the following statements are discriminatory and why?

14. What are some of the ways in which you can reduce barriers to diversity?

15. Why should we pay attention to issues of diversity?

16. Complete the table below about your team from your workplace. List 5 How diverse is your workplace?

Assessment 2- Case Study

Read the Case Studies below and answer the questions that follow:


Promotion or merit? Belinda arrives home looking drawn and tired after a particularly harrowing day at work. Her partner asks what the trouble is. She replies, ‘You won’t believe this, Marion, but someone has made a complaint against me saying I’m an ageist. How insulting!’ ‘You’ve got to be joking! What’s it all about?’ Marion asks. ‘You remember that team leader position we’re trying to recruit? That’s a really critical job and I need someone I can rely on. Well a 55-year old applied for it, internally – a worker from our warehouse. It would mean a promotion for him. When his manager came to see me to ask me to consider him – well, I naturally said I couldn’t. He knows as well as I do what an important position this is. I need someone who will be around for at least a few years once I’ve spent the company’s time and money training them. And although it isn’t a highly energetic job, I need someone with enthusiasm who can learn the ins and outs of the job quickly. This ageism business really gets me. I’m trying to do my best for the company and plan for the future and look where it gets me!’

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