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1. Introduction

[Clearly identify the purpose of the report and what the report aims to achieve.]

[Include a definition of diversity.]

[Comment on the benefits of diversity in the workplace.]

2. Legislation

2.1 Relevant legislation

[List applicable federal and state or territory legislation.]

2.2  Protected attributes

[List the protected attributes, or grounds for discrimination.]


[Create a statement about the Kingfisher Garden Centre’s position on discrimination in the workplace.]

[Define the term discrimination.]

3.1  Direct discrimination

[Explain direct discrimination and provide examples.]

3.2 Indirect discrimination

[Explain indirect discrimination and provide examples.]

3.3  Adverse actions

[Explain what ‘adverse actions’ means. Provide clear examples.]

3.4  Allowable discrimination

[Explain how sometimes discrimination is allowable. Give examples that may relate to the Kingfisher Garden Centre to assist with understanding.]

 4. Age-based diversity

[Review Kingfisher’s diversity policy.]

[How well does it provide for age-based diversity?]

[How could it be improved to embrace age-based diversity?]

5. Gender diversity

[Review Kingfisher’s diversity policy.]

[How well does it provide for gender-based diversity?]

[How could it be improved to embrace gender-based diversity?]

6. Parental support

[Review Kingfisher’s diversity policy.]

 [How well does it provide for family-based diversity? Include a review of parental policies, return-to-work support and breast-feeding support.]

7. Work/life balance

[Create a statement regarding the Kingfisher’s policy stance on work/life balance and any supporting policies and procedures.]

[What strategies should be implemented to support work/life balance? (Summarise if already included in items 4, 5, 6.)]

8. LGBTI community

[Review Kingfisher’s diversity policy.]

[How well does it provide for LGBTI diversity?]

[How could the policy be improved to embrace LGBTI diversity?]

9. Disability

[Review Kingfisher’s diversity policy.]

[How well does it provide for disability diversity?]

[How could it be improved to embrace disability-based diversity?]

10. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

[Review Kingfisher’s diversity policy.]

 [How well does it provide for Indigenous diversity?]

[How could it be improved to embrace Indigenous-based diversity?]

11. Recruitment and selection

11.1 Recruiting employees

[How can Kingfisher aim for diversity when recruiting and promoting employees?]

11.2 Selecting employees

[What strategies can be put in place to prevent discrimination and bias in the selection process?]

12. Bullying and harassment

12.1 Definitions

[Write a clear definition of bullying and sexual harassment. Provide employees with links to websites for where they can go for support and further assistance if they feel they have been bullied or harassed.]

12.1.1 Bullying

12.1.2 Sexual harassment

12.2 Grievance procedure

[Discuss how the current grievance procedure could be improved.]

 [Create a flow chart for a grievance procedure, but include it as an attachment to this report, e.g., refer the reader to Appendix 1: Grievance procedure.]

13.Training needs

[Based on the suggestions for improvement made in this report, write an overview of the training needs Kingfisher employees will have.]

[Include suggestions for how these training needs will be met, taking into consideration the different needs of your employees. This can be presented as a table.]

14. Promoting diversity

14.1 Promoting diversity to staff

[Describe how you could promote the benefits of diversity and any updates to a diversity policy to staff.]

14.2 Promoting diversity externally

[Besides the AHRI awards, what other external forums could be used to promote Kingfisher’s diversity success and further enhance the benefits of diversity in the workplace to the broader society?]


[Reflect on this report, the Kingfisher’s policy and what you’ve learnt from doing this unit.]

[In summary:

·      What areas in the diversity policy were neglected, or not adequately addressed?

·      What are the benefits of having a policy on managing diversity?

·      What have you learnt from doing this report and studying this unit?]

16.Reference list

[Include an alphabetical list of sources of research cited in your report. Refer to your training provider’s referencing guide for how to do this.]


[Appendix 1: Grievance procedure]

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