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Assessment B – Short answer


·     You are to answer all questions.

·     Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

·     On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor via the LMS.

SECTION 1: implement diversity policy

Q1:    Explain what is meant by the term ‘diversity management’.

Q2:    Provide five reasons why diversity is valued in organisations today.

Q3:    Explain how an organisation could build a diverse workforce.

Q4:    Where would you be likely to find a diversity policy within the organisation?

Q5:    What areas within the workplace are affected by the diversity policy?

Q6:    What information would you find in a diversity policy?

Q7:    A diversity policy should be reviewed annually to ensure its efficacy and currency. Explain what is meant by this.

ð Currency

ð Efficacy

Q8:    List four actions you can take to make staff aware of the diversity policy?

Q9:    What methods can be used to review the diversity policy?

Q10: List four legislative Acts that have a direct impact on the information that must be incorporated into diversity management policies and work practices.

Q11: Explain the aim of EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity).

Q12:  List six grounds or protected areas within antidiscrimination legislation.

SECTION 2: foster respect for diversity in the workplace

Q13:  A key element of managing diversity is overcoming stereotypes, bias and discrimination. What is a stereotype?

Q14:  What is the problem with stereotyping?

Q15:  Why is it important for managers to act as a role model in managing diversity?

Q16: Discuss some of the challenges in managing age-based diversity.

Q17: List four things an organisation can do to manage age-based diversity?

Q18: Explain what is meant by the term ‘glass ceiling’.

Q19: Training is a key part of getting the message out to staff on diversity principles. List two ways training can be delivered in-house and externally.

ð In-house – provided by the organisation

ð External – provided by another organisation

Q20: Discuss the positives and negatives of using targets to address the gender imbalance in higher-level management roles.

ð For

ð Against

Q21: An applicant for a cleaning job is required to fill out a detailed application form and submit it via email along with an electronic copy of their résumé. The applicant has a learning disability making it difficult to fill out the form and so they don’t apply. Could this process be a form of direct or indirect discrimination? Explain.

Q22: Legislation requires an organisation to make reasonable accommodation or adjustment to support a person with a disability. Give two examples of this.

Q23: At times, discrimination can be allowable. Give two reasons that can support allowable discrimination.

Q24: Define sexual harassment, identifying the key legal components of the definition.

Q25: What legislation covers bullying in the workplace?

Q26: Describe four types of behaviour that could be considered bullying.

Q27:    What can workplaces do to prevent bullying and harassment? List six options.

Q28: Identify the key internal steps to a company grievance procedure.

Q29: What avenues can an employee take if they are not satisfied with how the organisation handled the grievance?

Q30: What suggestions would you make to the job advertisement part of a recruitment process to ensure you aim for a diverse range of applicants?

Q31: List four things an organisation can do to help avoid discrimination and bias during the interviewing part of the selection process?


Q32: Discuss four ways by which an organisation can promote the benefits of diversity to its employees?

Q33: Many organisations promote their diversity achievements in external forums. List three based on the benefits of using external forums?

Q34: Give two examples of external diversity forums.

Q35: Provide two examples of how a diverse workforce has enhanced products and services in your organisation, or an organisation you have been a customer in.

Q36: Describe how diversity can be used as a competitive advantage in improving products and services.

Q37:  Helping staff get to know each other can help break down stereotypes and create an inclusive environment. Give four examples of how the manager and/or the organisation can do this.


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