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BSBCMM401 Make a presentation

BSBCMM401 Make a presentation

TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning,

TAEDEL402 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace&

BSBCMM401 Make a presentation  



Appendix Templates Instructions


1.      Do not delete any sections from any template unless otherwise noted in the instructions or as indicated by your trainer.


2.      You will be required to use the same appendix templates on multiple occasions within the corresponding Learner Workbook. We strongly suggest retaining a blank copy of the appendix templates documentation.


3.      The appendix templates will correspond to the activities or projects within your Learner Workbook. You must only use the templates where ever noted in your Learner Workbook.


4.      You can copy the appendix templates into separate word documents however please do notcopy the appendix templates into your Learner Workbook.


5.      File naming protocol: Prior to submission, your appendix templates must comply with the file name protocol below. We strongly suggest having all relevant documentation within the same word document. For example, the training and assessment strategy, language, literacy, and numeracy matrix, and learning program review should be combined into a separate word document which complies with the file naming protocol below:

·        The file name must follow this format:  UNIT CODE – Document – Full Name

Example 1: TAEDEL401_TAEDEL402_BSBCMM401 – Project 2 Group Delivery – John Smith

Example 2: TAEDEL401_TAEDEL402_BSBCMM401 – Project 3Workplace Learning 1– Jane Doe


6.      All of the above items must be adhered to. Failure to do so will result in your work being returned to you, delaying the marking of your assessment.

Appendix 9– Individualised Learning Plan

Note: when completing this appendix template, you are the facilitator.


Candidate name:


Facilitator name:


Session name:


Location details:


Supervision arrangements:


Learning objectives:


Performance benchmarks to be achieved:


Sequence order:


Job tasks and activities for sequencing:

Performance benchmark covered:

Time allocation:
















Candidate characteristics:


Candidate previous experiences:


Candidate’s current level of knowledge, skills, and experience


Preferred learning style:


Equity or additional support needs:


Learning technique to be used:



Additional instructions:




Appendix 11– Third Party Report: Workplace Learning


The completion of this Third Party Report is an important part of collecting quality evidence in this unit of competency. The observer must be in a position to observe and make valid comments on the student’s performance. The observermust hold the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


1. Prior to eachsession, the observermust:

  • Read the information in Appendix 11 - Third Party Report: Workplace Learning
  • Refer to Appendix 13 – Glossary: Workplace Learning 
  • Clarify any points in the Appendix 11 - Third Party Report: Workplace Learning with an assessor at ilearn online

 When completing the Third Party Report, please refer to Appendix 13 – Glossary: Workplace Learning that contains definitions of key terms and words.

 2. When completing the Third Party Report, the observer must:

·        Comment on all sections of Appendix 11 - Third Party Report: Workplace Learning

·        Not ‘tick and flick’  the items in the checklist without detailed comments

·        Provide detailed comments regarding the student’s performance, as this information will be used by an ilearn online assessor to make a professional judgement of the student’s competence

·        Provide written feedback to the student on their overall performance

·        Hand write all comments on the checklist (hand-writing must be legible)

 3. On completion of each session delivery, the observer must:

·        Provide verbal feedback to the student

·        Return the completed Third Party Report to the student

·        Provide the student with a certified  copy of their TAE40110 certificate and record of results




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