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BSB61218 Advanced Diploma of Program Management Assignment Help

BSB61218 Advanced Diploma of Program Management Assignment Help

Assessment 1

Knowledge Questions

You need to refer to the relevant textbook chapter, Protea Study Guide and power point presentation for this assessment

Please complete the questions below (approximately 50 words each)

1. Write three factors that would be taken into account when reviewing the workforce plan against available resources.

2. What are the four main options when it comes to filling anticipated gaps between the supply and demand for labour?

3. Specify five factors that should be considered in relation to workforce needs.

4. Give three examples of questions that may be asked in relation to workforce capability requirements.

5. Name three aspects that should be taken into consideration in relation to workforce demand.

6. What are the three main options when it comes to organisational engagement with flexible staff?

7. Write four rules that may apply to casual employees.

8. What are the five functions that usually apply to employment through agencies?

9. Identify and provide explanations of five flexible work arrangements that may be implemented in order
to meet an organisations needs.

10. Explain five processes that may be implemented for the management of flexible employees.

11. Give three examples of communication technologies that may be used for the successful integration of real-time teams.

12. Explain four steps that may be taken for the engagement of virtual teams.

13. Explain three different team structures, including information about how they may be utilised.

14. Write a paragraph detailing the ways in which telephones, video conferencing technology, webinars and cloud computing can be used for the purpose of enabling flexible team working.

15.  List four instances in which employees may request flexible working arrangements.

16. List four reasons for which employee requests for flexible working arrangements may be refused.

17.  Identify four types of consultations which may be used for engagement with flexible employees.

18.  Describe the review and implementation process which may take place as a result of workplace consultation.

Assessment 2

Providing opportunities for a flexible workforce

All of Assessment 2 is a practical application of what you have learned in the theory questions. You will need to review the theory in the Study Guide and in your presentation you will need to show your grasp of the theory.

Case Study:  

As a result of the building downturn, BuildIt Pty Ltd needs to consider a more flexible workforce to respond to the ongoing needs of the business and profitability.  Their workforce comprises Bill the Director, Sally who works in sales, Judy who works in accounts, Lisa who does Administration duties, Dave who is a draftsperson, Matt, Brad, Phil, Damon and Peter who are the builders in the business and five casual labourers who assist the builders.

All staff are full-time and permanent except for the five casual staff who work with the builders.

All  the staff are prepared to move towards a more flexible working environment and are prepared to work out the best workforce scenario for the business and for the employees.  

Bill has outlined the different possibilities for the staff in terms of their employment.  Staff can decide under what categories they want to fit under - independent contractors, contingent employees, or outsourced employees.
Below is the information that Bill has given all the employees so they can think about the best situation for them.

A contractor/independent contractor usually:

Doesn't receive wages but invoices for their work

Runs their own businesses with an Australian Business Number (ABN) Has their own insurance Does a set task, such as designing a computer system and once the task is done, the  engagement ends Can work for more than one customer Can subcontract their work to others Provides their own equipment or works from their own base.






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