BSB50215 Business Diploma Assignment Help | Business Assignment Help

BSB50215 Business Diploma Assignment Help | Business Assignment Help

BSB50215 Business Diploma Assignment Help | Business Assignment Help

BSB50215 Business Diploma Assignment Help

Student Declaration: 

I declare that I have been assessed in this unit, and I have been advised of my result.  I am also aware of my appeal rights.



Instructions to the Candidates

a) This assessment is to be completed in class supervised by assessor.

b) Should you not answer the questions correctly, you will be given feedback on the results and your gaps in knowledge. You will be given another opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to be deemed competent for this unit of competency. 

c) If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor. 

d) Please refer to the College re-submission and re-sit policy for more information. 


e) If you have questions and other concerns that may affect your performance in the examination please inform the assessor immediately.

Task 02: Administer and Monitor Project


Assessment description

Using the workplace scenario information provided, you will work collaboratively with your project team to administer and monitor a project (initiated, planned and discussed in Assessment Task 1) in order to achieve the project deliverables.



1. Review the simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures in the document ‘Max Lionel Realty.docx’. Review templates contained in the document ‘Project planning templates.docx’ for possible use or adaptation in completing project requirements.

2. Review the scenario information provided in Appendix 2.

3. Determine monitoring and record-keeping system requirements from scenario for project as planned.

4. Determine personal need for support.

5. Meet with team to:

a. Clarify roles and responsibilities and ensure written record of agreement, e.g. obtain signatures on roles and responsibilities template provided
b. Determine need for support and inform team members of your support needs
c. Discuss monitoring and record-keeping systems as required by the organisation
d. Discuss risk management approaches.

Note: You may need to meet on several occasions. Meetings may be observed by your assessor. Follow your communication plan or agree to a time and date.

6. Plan to support a team member. Arrange suitable time with team member and assessor (to observe). You may, for example, provide assistance with deliverables, coach, train, etc.

Note: Ensure you adhere to budgetary constraints and timelines. All resources and time spent on the project will count towards expenditure.

7. Meet with team member to provide support. 

8. Complete the following personal roles and responsibilities:

a. implement monitoring and record-keeping, using or adapting the template provided
b. develop project deliverables
c. ensure quality assurance on draft deliverables as required by your project plan.

9. Undertake risk management as per your project plan. Provide risk management reports (may include change requests and/or issues logs). Use or adapt the templates provided.

Note: Your Operations General Manager (the assessor) will inform your project team of contingencies that you will need to manage. Coordinate actions with your project team members. Each team member will have at least one contingency to manage.

10. Submit documentation as per specifications below.
Assessor will provide further instructions in class room on completing assessment tasks which will clearly outline all requirements in more detail and simplistic way according to your understanding level.  You may also request your trainer for additional information and may seek help with summarising of all instructions.





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