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The report aims at conducting a sentiment analysis for the Canada broadcasting corporation while at the same time identifying some market issues that affects the brand.it also aims at looking at the various ways through which one can resolve the identified challenges and gain a competitive advantage of the brand of choice. The report also aims at putting into consideration the following; the behaviour of customers and their motivations, the application of digital elements, delivery of the value propositions and addressing issues related to customer experience managements.

1.0 Introduction:-

The Canada broadcasting corporation serves as a national public television and radio broadcaster. The brand for this company is news products.it offers it services in French, English, and eight aboriginal languages. The news is an essential component of the population, thus rendering the CBC a governmental organization that can stay relevant in the market for ages. Despite the above advantage, there exists a variety of broadcasting companies that tend to crop up .the upcoming companies also offers the same product and services, what differs in the quality of services and products provided by the media stations. The quality of their goods and services also dictates the level of competition between these companies.

The branding of the Canada broadcasting corporation is so unique that it attracts massive listeners and viewers to its radio and television stations. Besides, being a governmental organization means that the media house receives financing from the government and this can promote its existence as well as its sustainability. The company also employs the use of modern technology in marketing and selling its products, and this leads to an increase in the number of profits from the products. Furthermore, the world transforming to a platform where the utilization of the internet is becoming more accessible, the application if these new forms of technology help the company to enhance and maintain its customers thus improving issues of consumer loyalty.

2.0 Conducting a sentiment analysis for the Canada broadcasting corporation.

The CBC is one of the most famous companies that indulge in the production of new. The company is owned by the government thus allowing it to have maximum coverage of every event that happened within and outside the country. The news production company plays a significant role in informing the citizens about the various occurrences that take place on a daily basis. Furthermore, it employs a wide variety of languages that gives is an extensive geographical cover.

The media stations are very open as it does not focus on any acts of racism or discrimination. It employs workers from all over the globe as it key determinates is the employee talents and zeal to work tirelessly and on the best interest of its listeners. The CBC brand is the comprehensive news coverage that provides enlightenment to the citizens; it also ensures it gives equal chances to the citizens where it airs all the activities that take place in Canada. The CBC acts as the eyes and ears of Canadian citizens.it also focuses on quality communication within the country thus enhancing a spirit of togetherness.

Conducting a sentiment analysis for the Canada broadcasting corporation

The corporation employs a modernized form of communication and mass media so as to ensure that there is a wider coverage of its interests.it has also transformed its ways of sharing new where it has employed a variety of application that aims at increasing the rate of accessibility of its products and services. The media house has devised a variety of mechanism that is intended to ensure easy accessibility of new and information by its customers. Besides, the CBC offers a range of programs that favors individuals from all walks of life including children. The broadcasting corporation airs a variety of programs that addresses every aspect of life (Šerić, 2015:np). It has an excellent schedule whereby it gives its listeners an opportunity to enjoy every beat of the broadcast throughout the day. The CBC promotes live interaction with its users on both television and radio, the interactive sections helps in creating a platform where customers air their opinion and views.it is through this constant interaction that customer satisfaction emerges and thus builds trust and commitment by both the customers and the CBC.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is one of the best broadcasting houses as it offers content that is mature and of substance to its listeners.it does not violate the norms of the society and plays an integral part in the community. The corporation indulges in community outreach services that help in creating a harmonized community. The charity practices that this media house offers leads to a real integration between the press room, and citizens offer a variety of programs that aims at ensuring that there is an efficient collaboration between .the CBC is usually of high reputation due to the government sponsorship. It provides a range of services that act as the eyes of the society. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation operatives on justice and fairness.it does not advocate for any issues of racism or favoritism despite it being a government organization. Through this acts, the CBC displays that the Canadian government plays a significant role in promoting issues of fairness on all matters related to the broadcasting services and providing an interactive platform among the Canadian citizens.

The media house offers quality entertainment to its citizens and puts in mind the age of its viewers. Unlike other media stations, the Canadian Broadcasting Company has gained popularity over the years and cuts across all the ages where it puts into considerations the various contents that are eligible and sound for family coverage. The content and quality of the determinants customers’ satisfaction on matters related to entertainment. The CBC understands the characteristics of its views and delivers credible content that covers all aspects of the family.It is one of the favorite media houses that have existed over time, according to its history.

The media house was established in the mid-nineteenth century, and this resulted in the development of consumer loyalty thus enhancing the number of viewers thus promoting the prosperity of the organization. The Canada Broadcasting company plays a crucial role in ensuring that it creates a public figure so as to prevent tarnishing the reputation of the government since it is a state-owned institution. In most cases, it enhances the education of the nation though offering educative programs.

3.0 Identifying some market issues that affects the brand

There exists a variety of factors that tend to influence the brand of the CBC. The factors act as a limiting factor to the activities of the organization. Some of the limitations that face the CBC include; the existence of competition is one of the market issues that affect the band, stiff competition from other media broadcasting agencies offers. Each media house strives to achieve the best in the industry. The Canadian broadcasting corporation was established in the nineteenth century, it is taking the time to renovate is services and equipment are so as to match the current technologically advanced equipment.Upcoming media houses have overtaken the CBC by a wider margin since they institute modernized measures. The application of the new technology ensures that the press rooms provide quality output and content that appeals to its views. Due to the current disparity, the level of competition between the private and government owned media houses is very high. The CBC obtains an advantage over the others due to its reliability. CBC is a government-owned organization that has existed for some years; the government helps its projects to prosper, unlike privately owned or non-governmental media institution whose reliability hangs in the balance as they have high ability to undergo closure at any time.

The modes of communication also affect the brand in a variety of ways. In today's century, people have moved from watching televising and listening to the radio over extended periods of time. Unlike the past, nowadays, the brand is usually affected as young and middle-aged individuals have turned their attention to social media (Mastorakis, 2014:p.35). The upcoming media houses have discovered this new trend and decided to follow the new channels where the majority of people are flocking.it is evident that the higher the number of followers, the higher the profits from any media activities. Management and marketing strategies affect the brand in a positive or negative manner. On issues related to quality and quantity affects the brand. Massive production might lead to manufacturing of poor quality goods thus affecting the brand. Availability of resources plays an essential role in the determination, not the brand. For example, massive quantities of paper indicate that the level of production of newspapers wills increases leading to an increase in the supply on a worldwide basis.

Consumer prices affect the brand; sometimes customers dictate the prices of goods and services. On matters related to social media, the targeted audience plays a significant role in the promotion of the advancements in social media activities. Furthermore, when the supply is high than the demand, the content covered becomes irrelevant thus leading to massive losses to these media houses. In most cases, the media engages in the production of newspapers. The production of magazines involves some amount of money. In cases where the output is usually high and the demand is low, then the media houses might run at a loss creating a shortage in production of its services (Kammerlander,2015:p.363).Lack of consumer’s awareness on matters related to the current issues related to media and its services might play an essential role in affecting the brand. The unfamiliarity of situation that arises in most cases impacts negatively on the activities and services of the organization. In return, the media houses end up losing as it might lack full media coverage. Frequent fluctuation on the market prices might lead to adverse effects on the press house. It might run into losses due to the existence of a variety of issues regarding product prices.

4.0The various ways through which one can resolve the identified challenges

One can address the identified problems by having adequate resources which include the employees and also producing products of high quality and great quantity.

The CBC can put more efforts to ensure that it offers quality products and services so as to stay relevant in the market. Through this, it can manage to ward off stiff completion from other broadcasting companies. Besides, it can indulge in utilizing the new form of technology including integration of Mike application in the dissemination of their products including news so as to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

The Canadian broadcasting company can employ various strategies that aim at cutting on the cost of their products so as to help in enhancing the affordability of their services to individuals from all walks of life. For instance, selling newspapers at affordable prices can help overcome some of the problems associated with the media station. The introduction of new forms of transmission signals so as to ensure an in-depth geographical cover thus increasing accessibility of these activities.

The modes of transmission of the brands should upgrade their services so as to ensure that the mediums quickly accede.it is evident that quality matters when it comes to names. Consumers prefer quality brands than others that do not look appealing; the media house should try and upgrade from low-quality to high-quality production so as to avoid the existence of stiff completion from other media station. Besides, the brand should strive to ensure that it delivers quality products so as to enhance consumer’s interests towards its products and services (Curtis et al., 2012:p.22).

Continuous development and surprises coupled with efficient marketing strategies can help in promoting the brand so as to achieve maximum loyalty from the targeted customers. Furthermore, marketing strategies on a wider platform and coverage might assist in shunning away some problems related to stiff competition; it is because it might help the brand top to reap profits from a variety of sources thus enhancing its prosperity in the business.

The government should also take part in regulating the content aired by media stations so as to make them stay relevant to the general public. The media such as radio and television should be educative to the population. Through this action, the government can prevent the media houses from abusing the rights accorded to them by the state laws. The marketing strategies should change with the fluctuation that presents in the industry so as to prevent any acts that might lead to the deterioration and closure of media houses.it is evident that variation in markets on matters related to prices and demands by potential customers poses a challenge to the brand (Alleyne, 2016:np). The name should ensure that it maintains a steady flow so as to promote issues of consumer loyalty. Another important strategy that the brand can utilize to prevent the occurrence of problems that faces their products includes; taking into account all the negative criticism from their customers so as to take a step towards changing the criticisms so as turn them to towards the positive side that might help in propelling the brand to another level.

5.0 The behavior of customers and their motivations and the application of digital elements

Consumer habits are in constant motion as a variety of factors tend to affect them. Time and age are the fundamental factors that dictate consumer behavior. The two factors go hand in hand as they help the corporation plan its activities and services. The products produced by an organization, usually have a target group which is generally based on the age of individuals (Ng, 2014, np). The motivations offered by the corporation plays an integral part in ensuring that it achieves its goals and objectives. Furthermore, the application of digital elements helps in promoting accessibility of the digital platform to its targeted audiences. Besides, the digital components promote distribution of the brand on an international basis thus improving competitive edge of the organization.

6.0 Delivery of the value propositions and addressing issues related to customer experience management

The CBC should ensure that it takes into account the complaints by its clients and ensuring that they address them accordingly. Through achieving consumer satisfaction, the corporation might play a significant role in ensuring that it maintains is the customers. Also, working on issues affecting its clients on a timely basis might help the CBC create consumer loyalty thus creating an environment that might ensure there us a booming business on its brand.

The CBC should always provide an effective environment that best suits its customers so as to enhance their experience. The corporation should ensure that it gives its customers a platform that will promote autonomy to air their grievances because a feedback mechanism plays an integral part in the wellbeing of the organization (Hollywood,2007:p.700). Consumer’s feedback can act as a shaping tool for the organization that aims at ensuring that it stays relevant to its environment and form the basis of learning that might help in promoting advancements on issues related to the organization. Also, the correction might assist in developing businesses level of the CBC thus growing the capacity of its services.

7.0 conclusions

It is evident that the Canada Broadcasting Corporation faces a variety of challenges in the business.it also presents with a brand that is competitive in its market. A variety of issues exists within the market including other competitors who offer best-performing brands. Being a government sponsored corporation; the CBC has an advantage in the market where it offers quality products. Consumer loyalty is usually built on the fact that the media house is government sponsored. The involvement of users in decision making through providing a platform for them to air their complaints provides a critical opportunity to the corporation.

The company changes most of its practices based on the critique it receives from the shareholders and customers. Due to the existence of the new technology, the corporation is transforming its modes of production with the aim of promoting its brand both locally and internationally. Furthermore, the CBC works for the environment and its inhabitants, and it is sensitive in all matters associated with its brand thus ensuring that it favors all member of the community. The corporations are now advancing to the application of social media sites that aim at increasing accessibility to its customers. Some of the sites employed by the CBC include emails like yahoo and social sites like twitter. It is through these locations that the CBC builds trust among its customers thus helping in promoting its brand.


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