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This assignment is to be mentioned weekly for regarding 0.5 associate hour throughout science lab hours with the tutors. Students square measure needed to piece the server mistreatment Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 by following all the necessities specifies within the below-mentioned case study. A user documentation report should be submitted on Moodle, that ought to contain the necessary steps of the configuration with various screenshots. Also, there'll be an illustration for the total situation within the Week-11 science lab category. The presence of all cluster members is obligatory.

Windows Server with multiple domains

Form {a cluster|a gaggle|a bunch} of 3 students and inform your laboratory tutor of the names and student IDs of your group members. Assume that your cluster has been used by the shopper company, as delineate below, to develop a networked system for his or her needed services given within the situation below.

Groovy Movies could be a video rental business requiring to line up a local area network for his or her workplace that is found in Perth. they need 3 totally different departments named Inventory, Finance, and client Service. There square measure fifty staff operating during this company in several departments. All objects happiness to those departments ought to have their own Organisation Unit (OU). the corporate needs multiple domains with a windows server. They need you to implement the subsequent technologies in their LAN:

Centralized user authentication for various domains (Active Directory) · Configures a DHCP to accumulate associate automatic informatics address.
Company to host a web site additionally therefore a separate IIS server is additionally needed
There will be 2 totally different domains. One is allotted for the administrator and also the alternative is allotted for everybody else.
Your configuration ought to mirror the higher than criteria and show totally different privileges allotted to the various domains.

After the creation of a baby domain, you may see the following:

An Active Directory-integrated zone on the new domain controller for the kid name. (For example alphabet.test.com, you would like to settle on associate applicable name reflective your client’s business name).

A forwarded DNS (Domain Name Server) listing on this domain controller for take a look at .com DNS servers.

A delegated DNS subdomain on the take a look at.com to a brand new domain controller (test.com is associate example (you ought to opt for associate applicable name reflective your client’s business name).

Submission Guideline:

Your assignment ought to be completed in keeping with the overall pointers for the Presentation of educational work. Your submission ought to contain the following:
Write a report by following a typical user documentation report guide on the higher than case study, that ought to embody the following:
A short introduction mistreatment 4-5 lines
Design of the Network diagram (any package are often used like Visio, Netsim, etc.)
Configuration of the total project.
Proper labelled Screenshots from implementation.
Any further feature that you just have adscititious in your project or any difficulties you moon-faced throughout your project if any.

Documentation ought to follow the quality submission pointers as follow:

Frontpage- indicating your cluster members’ names and student IDs, teaching workers (Lecturer’s and tutor’s name), a press release of what has been completed, and acknowledgment of the names of all assisted you.
List of references used (IEEE style) – Reference sources should be cited within the text of the report, and listed befittingly at the tip in an exceeding reference list. solely IEEE referencing vogue is suitable for this assignment.

The assignment should be submitted mistreatment Moodle, one submission for your cluster. The page numbers of the assignment should be clear on every page. The report document should be checked for similarity through Moodle/Turnitin whereas submitting it. Please sit down with the study skills unit workers if want additional help. Please note that only 1 member per cluster ought to submit the report.

15 minutes per demonstration in science lab, which can cowl all the options mentioned at intervals the scope of the given situation. All the cluster members can got to demonstrate. If any member of the cluster fails to demonstrate, he/she can lose the demonstration marks.  

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