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BN 106 Networking Fundamentals

BN 106 Networking Fundamentals

BN 106 Networking Fundamentals

Assignment  Network Design


The organization has need of the network system in the main branch and other offices. Networking is mainly required to achieve the mail and file transfer services. The presented report will discuss local area network for the main office with a discussion of network requirements, devices and their interconnectivity. 

Also, a wide area network will be discussed for the organization. Several devices and their interoperability will be discussed to form the wide area network. Routing protocols and communication media type will be discussed with justification.

The LAN network design of the head office 

a) Discuss the locations of all workstations and interconnecting devices, such as switches, and routers, if any to be used 

The local area network has need of the one router in the main building so that internet connections can be provided to the devices and the routing for the end devices can be achieved. There is also need of the three separated switches on each floor to ensure network expansion and easy maintenance. Each floor has required a number of the workstations those are arranged either in bus or star topology. For example, the first floor has workstations for the general purpose computing so that there is a need for adequate performance and quality. For that, there is single optical fibre cable connected to switch so that all the workstations can be connected in a bus topology [1]. Besides to it, the second and third floor has workstations those are connected to their switches in star topology because this topology can provide high performance and easy fault detection. 

There is a separated resource room in the building which is used to store the servers, routers and switches. Server is connected to the router whereas firewall is also used as the intermediate device between server and router. The organization also can use repeaters among the branches as there is a small distance between them. It helps to expand the same network to the other branches and offices with same quality and performance.

b) Discuss and justify the recommended media type 

The network topology of the organization is mainly based on the wired connections. The organization has option of several media types to create the network. For example, the organization can use serial channel, coaxial cable, twisted pair cable or Ethernet cable as potential media type for the network. It is recommended to use Ethernet cable as the default media type for the connections. Cat 5e or 6 cables can be used which can deliver the performance and speed of the 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. It is recommended that the organization can use the Ethernet cable for the internal connections whereas fibre optic cable can be used to connect with other branches or internet service provider [6].

Standard coaxial cable can be used to connect the printers and other devices with the workstations. The cable is effective to provide the performance and communication with peripheral devices. However, the organization has main cost saving with a standard Ethernet cable. This type of cable is also selected due to the high performance, reliability and stable networking among devices.

c) Discuss the type of LAN topology and protocol to be used

Local area network can be constructed in several forms according to the infrastructure. The network can use the bus and star topologies to achieve the effective cost saving and performance. For example, the organization can use bus topology on the first floor where all the workstations can be connected to a single backbone cable and there is no dedicated cable for workstations. It helps to save the cost and ensure the adequate communication with devices. However, it has a sole dependency on the backbone for the network continuity and services [5]. Star topology is used in the second and third floor for the marketing and sales departments as they need high performance. The dedicated cables to each workstation from the central switch device help to equally distribute the bandwidth and improve the performance.

Global Solutions has to need of the server system so that workstations can get the files and email services. Therefore, the organization can use the hypertext transfer protocol for the web services so that the workstations can access the hypermedia through browser. Simple mail transfer protocol is required for the email services in which workstations and users can be configured for authentication. Domain name services can be used to manage the communication between the branches. It can help to map the IP addresses to the web addresses [1]. Besides to it, dynamic host configuration protocol can be used to achieve the automatic addressing to the end devices. IP protocol with traffic congestion control can be used to achieve the internet and connection-oriented services. 

d) Discuss the connection that provides the Internet access to the LAN

The organization is connected with the Internet service provider to achieve the internet services. The router in the main branch is configured for the static network address which helps to identify the network over the internet. Specified IP address range is defined on the router to ensure the proper connections to the end devices. The local area network has a connection through the fibre optic cable so that router can achieve the higher performance and bandwidth for the communication [8]. The router is used for routing as well as traffic management because the access control list helps to improve the management of the communication. It helps to ensure the reliable traffic control on network to improve the performance.

The network can use the dynamic address allocation for the addressing of the devices whereas subnet mask is used on the IP address to create the required number of the hosts and network addresses. Besides to it, the organization can configure the router for network address translation services so that public and private IP address can be mapped to ensure the security. The network has use of the firewall which has main traffic from the router so that server has secure access and services to the end devices. Internet devices in the network are connected through the fast Ethernet cables so that end devices can achieve the speed of 10 Mbps through the switches [4]. In this manner, Global Solutions can achieve the internet services for the employees and they can support effectively in the business operations.

e) The sketch of network plan for each floor

The network structure of the organization is simple with the required number of the devices and services. For example, the first floor has two major sections. First, the resource room which is used to safeguard the servers, switches and routers. There is also one firewall device in the resource room. The outgoing of the resource room is three cables for the three floors of the organization. First floor has an implementation of the bus topology. There is a single backbone cable to which the devices are connected. There are separated switches on each floor to ensure the network segmentation and easy maintenance.


                                           Figure 1: Network design 

3.0 The WAN network design between all five offices and the head office 

a) The sketch of the WAN connectivity (using some basic tools/utilities for network design) 

The wide area network design of the organization uses the repeater to connect among branches. All the branches are only apart for a small distance so that the organization has two options to use for the network. First, the organization can use the ISP router to connect with common internet service provider. It can help to save the cost and time for the installation of separated services on the networks. In such implementation, the organization has connectivity through the routers whereas switches are added to expand the network operations. Second, the organization can use the repeater those can expand the network from main branch to the other branches [1]. In such cases, there is a need for the single connection to the internet service provider and connection is expanded to the other offices.


                                                    Figure 2: Wide area network design

Wide area network design of the organization has used several tools for the effective design. For example, the organization has used a virtual local area network to group the devices effectively and manage the security. Also, virtual private networking is used to ensure the security and isolate the communication from the internet users. The technology can help to achieve the effective communication and ensure the proper encryption of the data during the communication. 

b) Discuss the devices to be used such as routers (if any) and their functioning 

The network design for the five branches of the organization has inclusion of the several devices. For example, router is used to connect each branch with other branches. The router device is significant to connect the branch network with the wide area network whereas it can be configured for the routing. The device is configured for the static routing algorithm so that there is a minimum delay during the data transmission to the end devices. Router is used also to provide the internet service to the network. Access control lists and interfaces can be defined to constraint the user access and connectivity for the security purpose. 

Besides to it, the wide area network has inclusion of the remote servers those are accessible to workstations in all branches. The server is also configured for the email services and web services whereas large storage is provided achieve the centralized data management. The main purpose of the server is to provide the centralized network management. It also helps to achieve the effective data management as the policies and practices can be used to manage the data on servers or clouds. Server also enables the network administrator to manage the services and control the services within the network [8]. Firewall is added to the network to manage the security and effective traffic control management. Firewall has a function to provide the security in the network and filter the data packets according to the defined rules. It has a function to validate the data packets for the access and services associated with the data packets.

Wide area network also equipped with the network attached data storage so that each user can manage the data on the servers. It enables the cost saving on the end devices and user has not to save the data on the workstations. The main function of the network attached storage is to provide the centralization and improper the management.

c) Justify the recommended media type 

The wide area network has approximately distance of 50 kilometres among the offices. The organization can use the fibre optic cable for the network connections. The cable is costly but effective to provide the connectivity. The cable has high performance and effective cancellation of the magnetic effects from the environment. The cable can transfer the data packets in the form of light signals and has high bandwidth to connect distance branches. Therefore, the cable is used to connect routers in various branches and improve the performance. 






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