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The Business Environment Assessment Business Case  Individual

/Group Group  (3-4 Students) Length 4500 words per group Learning Outcomes a)

Examine the influence of the external environment on the organisation b) Identify an apply appropriate frameworks and tools to the problems and challenges faced by organisations c) Research industry specific factors to the organisation decision-making process d) Apply a relevant framework to evaluate the macro and micro environmental influences on an organisation e) Create a business case for potential growth opportunities based on analysis of external environmental factors Submission Week 11 Weighting 40%

Total Marks 100 marks  Context: Businesses which do not properly address the factors in their environment which can impact them may succumb to pressures which they did not account for. Past examples of businesses which have experienced severe disruptive events causing a significant loss of revenue, or businesses which have had to close entirely due to factors in their environment are common. Objectives:

Correctly identify a business which has made a loss or had to close due to environmental influences outside its control

Understand the events leading up to this loss or closure, and accurately discuss the key factors which caused it

Accurately apply course concepts to the key event(s) to offer an alternative path which may have prevented the loss/closure.

You will rate each group member’s contribution to each category by providing a score of either 0,1, 2, 3 and 4 (0 for low, 4 for high). You will then total your ratings. This total rating will be used in calculating the Team work attribute mentioned in the marking rubric of Assessment 3 and Assesssment 4.  

Condense findings into a relevant format suitable for presentation to a business in a consulting environment.  Linkages between Case Study (Assessment 3) and Presentation (Assessment 4): The business case study is a comprehensive, retrospective review of a business which suffered a loss or closure due to environmental factors beyond its own control. This report should be suitably structured to present on its own, but the presentation’s purpose is to provide a more accessible  and interactive medium through which to showcase the data of the case study, and the presentation should offer an alternative solution to the problem discussed in the case study, with reference to strategies discussed in the subject. Instructions: The business case study is a comprehensive assessment of the environmental factors which lead to a prominent business of the past to make a significant loss, or which lead to its closure. You must choose the case of a high profile Australian or International business which fits this criteria.

Correctly identify and analyse the specific event(s) which lead to the loss/closure

Describe the environment in which the business was operating, discussing the four elements of the business environment

Describe the environmental factors leading to the loss by categorising these events into the four elements of the business environment

 Accurately describe the response by the business which was unsuccessful 

The structure of the assignment should follow standard case study structure

 Introduction and background information

Body of information and discussion of relevant topics

Conclusion and summary


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