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BIZ104Customer Experience Management assignment help

BIZ104Customer Experience Management assignment help

BIZ104Customer Experience Management assignment help


Customer experience is the perception of an organisation’s experience in the eyes of the customer. Building a customer experience strategy to improve customer experiences is important to strengthen and build long term customer relationships and align the organisation with the needs of the customer This assessment task is designed for you to apply your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts that shape the customer experience.

You are required to conceptualize customers interacting with a product or service across several touch points such as in-store, website, mobile, social media and e-mail and will then analyse and communicate how your chosen organisation will manage customer experience(s) towards achieving customer loyalty.

Your aim is to illustrate and communicate a CEM strategy proposing a better service offering This assessment task provides you with an insight into an activity that maybe part of your job roles in the future.

You are to take the role of consultant for your selected organisation and prepare a report to persuade the management staff to adopt a better approach to managing their costumers’ experience(s).

This assessment involves the following activities:

1. Introduce briefly the organisation you have chosen: the industry it competes in, its background, its service offering and your research objective to improve the customer experience.

2. Describe and discuss your primary research method for your online survey i.e. its planning, design, how you recruited your participants for your online survey and implementation. (You will need to have at least 10 completed customer surveys).

3. Describe and discuss at least 3 secondary research methods carried out (i.e. academic journal articles, book chapters, business reports, organisation’s website social media reviews).

4. Apply CEM concepts to identify the challenges and opportunities for achieving a customer experience that is in line with the organisation’s strategic objectives.

5. Identify and differentiate 2 customer segments from research undertaken using personas to illustrate and communicate their unique customer perspectives

6. Take the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and customer feedback obtained from primary and secondary research into account in forming the customer experience strategy.

7. Connect customer experience maps and alignment diagrams with a business value proposition for the 2 customer segments identified above.

8. Write a conclusion summarising how your CEM strategy will offer a better service to your organisation’s customers.

9. Add your evidence of research data as an appendix, including the link to your survey with at least 10 completed customer surveys and if applicable screen shots of current social media reviews.

Follow the APA 6th edition style of referencing to cite your academic resources and provide your reference list. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA 6th ed. style: https://laureate- au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_20163_1&c ontent_id=_2498849_1

Add your evidence of research data as an appendix, including the link to your survey with at least 10 completed customer surveys and the screen shots of at least 3 current social media reviews. The resources consulted and used from your secondary research on your organisation must be listed in the reference list.

Submission Instructions

Submit your Costumer Experience Strategy:

Research Outcomes via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in BIZ104 Costumer Experience Management by the due date. The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades. The Learning Rubric below is your guide to how your assessment task will be marked. Please be sure to check this rubric very carefully before submission.

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