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 Task 1

a)    Did you include in-text references in your answer and a reference list at the end?

b)      Yes

c)      No

The in-text references would help to find out the source of information to the reader. The references would be helpful for the future reader to explore more by using the given references. The references can help for the layman who does not know about the topic and for the new inventors working for the same background by following the references. These are the assets for them to do any further work for future. In-texting is very important to understand the area of working and research areas done on the same topics.

b)      What is the purpose of including in-text references and a reference list in an assessment?

a)      Provide evidence for the source of the information

b)      Allows information to be included without paraphrasing

c)      Permits information to be directly copied without rewriting

The references in-text and in the reference list helps to show the relevance on the information which is provided in the text. Along with that it could help to avoid any type of inconvenience related to referencing. The sequence of both the list and interest have to be similar so the relevance of them clearly visiable4 by the reader. This is an important aspect for the new researchers and also for the old researchers who have done their study on the same area. The synchronization of both is very essential to understand the topic broadly in future.

c) What is the purpose of submitting your assessment through Turnitin?

a)      Allows you to identify material that needs to be referenced

b)      Allows you to identify material that needs to be paraphrased

c)      Allows you to identify incorrect information that should be removed

The use of Turnitin allows a writer to give his/her own view points in a topic by avoiding the copying directly from some source. It taught the importance of paraphrasing for a particular topic. This software is very essential for the inventors to bring a new era on the undiscovered topic by using their brain on different research areas. Along with that they can invent new idea or writing, and presentations style of some existent documents in a more attractive manner from the others. These inventions are very helpful for the unco0ming readers who are going to read it in future.

d)  Which of the following Turnitin similarity percentages best represents an assessment that has been well paraphrased?


a)      80-95%

b)      50-60%

c)      10-30%         

The less percentage means more paraphrasing which also proves that the writer has put its own view on the topic more without directly copy pasting from somewhere, thus it is essential to get a less percentage. The less percentage means the author has put many new ideas of presenting the same topic in different way which may more attractive than the previous one. Thus the importance of the topic may enhance for the new inventors who are working on the same topic. Thus the software is proof that the new writer is good enough to paraphrase some existing documents.

Task 2


Question 2


The main purpose of body temperature regulation is to keep the balance between the body temperature and environment. The normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees F, which is maintained by the body with the constant heat generation through energy (ATP) production by oxidative phosphorylation (Peate, 2016).    


Skin performs a lot of roles to protect the body including the regulation of body temperature. According to Wright & Leahey (2012) the collective work of brain and skin help to control the body temperature by the homeostatic reflexes. Skin is responsible to regulate the body temperature based on the temperature of the environment. Through the cellular respiration, activities of muscles, energy production from foods the internal body temperature is produced. Now if the temperature of the environment is more than the body then through the evaporation of fluids as sweat from the sweat glands, the body tries to balance temperature. The evaporation of sweats with the skin temperature makes the body cool.

In a cool temperature, the body reacts through vasoconstriction to balance the temperature. Because of vasoconstriction, the sweat glands constrict and thus it resists the outside temperature to affect the body. As stated by, Fiala et al. (2012), the mechanism behind it by vasoconstriction the flow of blood in the blood vessel constricts which reduce the loss of temperature from the body in the cool weather. 


Agodi, A., & Barchitta, M. (2015). THE ROLE OF FOLATE AND OF MTHFR C677TPOLYMORPHISM IN HEALTHY YOUNG WOMEN. METHYLENETETRAHYDRO-FOLATE REDUCTASE (MTHFR) IN HEALTH AND DISEASE, 61. . Retrieved on: 5th Feb 2018 From: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ana_Livia_GalbiattiDias/publication/286231374_Glutathione_Biosynthesis_and_mechanism_of_action/links/566ea9e208ae62b05f0b5a8e/Glutathione-Biosynthesis-and-mechanism-of-action.pdf#page=75   

Badimon, L., & Vilahur, G. (2012). LDLcholesterol versus HDLcholesterol in the atherosclerotic plaque: inflammatory resolution versus thrombotic chaos. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences1254(1), 18-32. Retrieved on: 5th Feb 2018 From:



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