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All You Need to Know About Appendix Pain:-

A condition which is so common, and we all have come across the word, Appendicitis is still misunderstood by many folks.

You most likely realize that an infected appendix is an aggravation of the reference section, but we must at first know that what is appendix?

Let's go through the following article to know its whereabouts


What is appendix and why do we need it:-

Vermiform appendix or simply appendix is a muscular projection constituted of tissues and is found within the human body at the end (cecum) of the large intestine. It is generally considered to be a vestigial organ which was once active but gradually lost its function with the human evolution. It is rich in lymphoid cells and considered to have a role in immunity but, facts say, a human can thrive well without this organ located in right-side in the lower abdomen.

Due to some inescapable reasons, the appendix swells up, causes immense pain and is on the verge of rupturing or bursting out. This condition is known as Appendicitis, which is regarded as an emergency and is operated soonest possible. Therefore, it is important to trace the early symptoms to remain on the safe side.

Symptoms of Appendicitis:-

The issue is that the symptoms of a swollen appendix are similar to the symptoms of many other disturbances witnessed by the body and so, it becomes quite challenging to point out the problem. However, there are some sure-shot hints which if noticed, then the patient should immediately be provided with medical assistance.

 A mild pain (not experienced previously) near the belly button or navel or in the upper abdomen that grows and becomes sharp and spreads towards lower abdomen, especially on the right side; also experienced in rectum or back.

     · Severe cramps and swelling of the abdomen.

     · Vomiting or nausea.

     · Appetite loss.

     ·The problem in passing gas with occasional diarrhea or constipation.

     ·Mild fever ranging between 99 and 102 degree F.

     ·Pain and problem during urination.

Gas- related problem or indigestion often has similar symptoms, so you can take some pills to check whether you are suffering from that or not. However, the appendix pain generally takes few hours to spread its severity and finally targets one particular location, at times affecting your bowel movements. If such is the case, then you should not take any pill, food, heating pads or laxatives as those might worsen the condition of your already sensitive appendix.

Know the Causes:-

Up till now, the actual reason for this situation is unknown but after all the research, it can be said that there can be one cause behind the swelling of an appendix and that is blockage or obstruction. This blockage can be complete or partial and can be caused by different means:

     ·Accumulation of fecal matters.

     ·Infection by fungi, virus, parasites, bacteria.


     ·Cancer or Tumour.

     · Trauma.

     · Puffed-up lymphoid follicles.

Effects of Appendicitis:-

The inflammation of the appendix finally leads to the rupture of the same. The effects which you might encounter if the condition is not attended immediately are:

·The bursting out of the appendix will fill the entire abdomen with infectious or fecal matters.

·The rupture can also make other organs like sigmoid colon, bladder or cecum prone to inflammation. Peritonitis is one such condition when the peritoneum or the wall lining of abdomen swells up and it can be fatal as well.

·The obstruction accelerates the growth of bacteria inside the organ which forms pus that exerts increased pressure and compresses the blood vessels, for which the appendix does not receive blood and suffers from gangrene.

· When the appendix does not rupture but starts leaking then it forms an abscess on the outside of the organ and is equally dangerous.

You can understand how risky all the effects of appendicitis are and hence, it is mandatory to treat the condition as an emergency and seek medical aid as soon as possible.

How Doctors trace Appendicitis?

As said earlier, the symptoms are quite intermingling and hence it becomes quite difficult for the doctor to pass any judgment at the first look. Appendicitis can also be confused with pregnancy, thus realize the gravity of the matter. However, performing a few tests will make the thing clear.

·Complete blood test to trace the population of bacteria so as to figure out any infection.

· A urinalysis checks whether there is any urine infection or not.

·A chest x-ray checks whether there is pneumonia in the lower lobe on the right side.

·CT scan or USG or X-ray of the abdomen clarifies the condition of the abdomen and its organs.

·Pregnancy test or pelvic exams check any problem regarding reproduction (for pregnant women).

Thus, by eliminating the other options after doing these tests, the doctors become certain about appendicitis.

Treatment of Swollen Appendix:-

Although the symptoms and the diagnosis of the painful appendix are dubious, yet there is no second thought about treating the ailing organ. The doctor has three way-out:

· If the condition is not that severe, then the doctor can give antibiotics to prevent the swell and start a liquid diet.

· If there is an abscess, then the doctor will first introduce antibiotics and clean out the accumulated pus and will later remove the appendix.

· If the pain is acute and the appendix can rupture at any moment, then the doctor will operate it either by laparoscopy or by open surgery depending on the condition of the appendix and the requirement of your body.

The removal of the appendix is known as appendectomy which is not really a frightening operation.

Post-Operative Care:-

You must take proper care after the operation, so as to get back to your past lifestyle soonest possible. If you undergo open surgery, then you might require one week stay at the hospital to become fit. Since laparoscopy includes fewer invasions, it offers patients speedy recovery. However, remember to contact your doctor if you feel any uneasiness, pain in the abdomen, pus in the wound, vomiting tendency, dizziness etc. 


Appendicitis is quite a dangerous disease. So, whenever you feel any pain, be sure to find out the root-cause with expert's help and never shelf it or test your own remedies. Sadly, there is no such way to prevent appendicitis. You can only eat fiber-rich foods like fresh vegetables and fruits to stay at the pink of your health and lead a disciplined life!

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