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An overview of Fox Terrier Dogs:-

Do you wish to have a pet dog? How about a morning walks with your own dog? It sounds great. Right! A family is incomplete without a pet dog. Isnt it? You have got an opportunity to let a fox terrier fulfill that space. Now, get an overall idea about this breed through the reading.


The Fox Terrier is one of the most curious, and impulsive amongst the terrier breeds. They are very fast, surprisingly active and independent chaser. They hold a special talent in ball chasing. You can say, they are passionate about this. Although, the fox terrier loves to roam outdoor yet you can also play with it in a secured yard indeed.

Facts and information:-

Fox terriers are basically grouped into two unique breeds. One is Smooth Terrier while another is Wire Terrier. Also, these two principal kinds of Fox Terrier have created numerous different breeds including the Miniature Fox Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, and Rat terrier. Fox Terriers are very different but can be recognizable. There are some terriers that have sleeker fur in the front while some have puffy fur in front. Some possess black and white spots on the face and some are white with ginger spots.

Fox Terrier Dogs


It is recommended to give 1.5 to 2 cups of a high-quality dog food daily which is divided into two meals. Feeding is totally depending on the size, age, physique, metabolism, and activity level of your dog. A highly active dog will need more food than that of a couch potato inactive one. The quality of dog food can nourish the upbringing of a dog.

Feed your Fox Terrier twice a day. See its waist; place your hands on his back, thumbs along the spine, with the fingers spread downward and you should be able to feel his ribs without having to press hard. This procedure informs you if it is overweighed or not.

·       The first ingredient should be meat e.g. chicken, lamb, or beef.  

·       A food should have more meat protein than grain protein.


Fox Terrier-Smooth was the first breed within the terrier cluster to be formally recognized by England's Kennel Club in 1875. This time had found paintings related to that breed. Smooth Fox Terrier enters into the US during 1879, followed by Wire Fox Terriers a few years later.


Fox Terriers are very smart. Their cautious nature makes them amazing guard dogs. If they don’t get a chance to burn off their inborn energy, they might become very demolishing or turn into nuisance barkers.


Give your Fox Terrier at least 30 to 45 minutes of vigorous exercise daily to stay active.


They have a tendency to seize fleeing objects such as cats, birds and flying insects.


Every Terrier is unique in their personality, talents, limitations, and in gene pools. Within the accompanying 14 days after the mating time frame, the Fox Terrier will have a red release as the vulva swelling will have come back to its typical. Now, she will no longer accept any males for mating.


Height and weight of an adult should be 36-39 cm and 7-10 kg respectively.


They tend to live around 12-15 years.

Health issues:-

· Myasthenia Gravis: Fox Terriers are particularly susceptible to this illness. It is a long-term                  neuromuscular disease which leads to skeletal muscle weakness. The face, eyes, and throat are        the most commonly affected areas.

· Cataracts:This is condition is the clouding of the eye. It causes blurred vision and trouble seeing at night

·   Legg Perthes Disease: This is a condition, where the femur bone might be disintegrated resulting in eventual collapse.

Before you take your Fox Terrier home, tell the breeder to check his health properly. This is because there are a number of hereditary conditions that could affect him in future.


Historically, Fox Terriers were used to be "bolt" foxes. Wires were used for chasing in the unpleasant nation. They were made less vulnerable to injury by their smooth-coated counterparts. Though Fox Terriers are used for hunting now, they still have a strong prey drive and can dig with reckless abandon after underground vermin.


In order to maintain the proper look and texture, coat of the Wire Fox Terrier requires stripping. Either it can be done at home or at the groomer. It should be done at least twice per year. Whether a dog is not competing, its coat might be clipped. This can lead to a change in color and the texture of coat, making it soft. Ears should be checked on a weekly basis to detect any infection or irritation if it has been developed. They can build up tartar and gum disease. So, brush their teeth at least once per week. Nails should be well trimmed.


Shedding is obvious if you pet a Fox Terrier. The Wire Fox Terriers shed sometime whereas Smooth Fox terriers shed randomly. Once you are around them, short hairs will stick to your clothes.


Temperament of a dog is always shaped by upbringing. But in this case, you should bear in mind that the inheritance of temperament of this dog is not so predictable than that of their physical traits such as size, shape, and shedding.

They are stubborn, bossy, intense, and very fast in action. They always crave the advantage to do something new. So, let their mind busy in interesting activities. They have got tremendous level of aggression. Once decided to accept a challenge they will fight until the end.


Fox Terriers are quite friendly toward people. But everything might not be happening in favor. They could pick a fight with other dogs so that they're not great candidates for the dog park.

Like every dog, they need early socialization. You should exposure your dog to completely different folks, sights, sounds, and experiences once they are young. Socialization helps make sure that your puppy is going to be matured up to be a comprehensive dog.


·       They are highly intelligent and willful.

·       They can be challenging to train. Be patient!

·       A worn out Fox Terrier is a decent Fox Terrier. Tragically, you'll presumably be worn out before he is.

       ·       Fox terriers are good with children. They love nothing more than playing.

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