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Big Data challenges in IoT and Cloud

Big Data challenges in IoT and Cloud




            This research has been conducted in order to resolve the issue which has been identified in this research i.e. challenges related to volume, velocity, variety, vagueness, veracity etc. These are the main challenges which are generally faced by IOT and in order to resolve these issues research has been done. So as to solvethe problems some methodologies are very much helpful in the big information challenges in IOT and Cloud and some of them are Hadoop, H base, hive, mahout, pig, no SQL and map reduce. This report shows the comparison of some methodologies also. This report recommends that the map reduce is the best methodology in reducing big information challenges which are been faced in Internet of Things and cloud computing.


IoT is a method of connecting with other power gadgets inside an appropriate system of switching. Nowadays, internet is an significant part of our lives, without internet we can’t imagine of doing anything which is mainly related to using somegadgets such as laptops, PC’s, mobile phones, networking, etc. all types of digital and mechanical devices, animals, objects, people can be connected through IOT which are tagged with various identity codes and even with an efficient and smooth connection the IOTs have a capacity to connect many devices at a particular time (Cai, and et.al. (2016). The IOTs permit the connections to transfer waves from one computer device to another without being interrupted or disturbed of the transmission of data from one place to another in flexible and in an efficient wayat whatever distant that device is. The big information difficultiesfaced in cloud computing includes ransom ware, security, denial of phishing attacks and service attacks. When there are large numbers of gadgets which are interconnected and are distinctive for big information challenges in IOT and it is unfeasible to imagine that such computer devices can easilyenter ainformation in one network from a solitary point just to recognize information from IOT which requires smart solutions. As the big information and IOT are used very much wider in the world there are very much possibilities that cloud computing are facing challenges.

History of Big Data challenges in IOT and Cloud

In 2006 cloud computing got popular with Amazon.com releasing its Elastic Compute Cloud product. “Cloud computing” showed up as right as on time as 1996, with the primary known notice in a Compaq inner document. The term Big Information is given by Roger Mougalas from O’Reilly Media in 2005 for the first time (Esposito, and et.al. (2017). The two major difficulties for big information in IOT were security and data analysis. Big informationisjust a data in larger volume (large variety) where there is a test to remove important data & standard examples to figure the decisions about the information.




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