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BHT4018 Supply Chain Modelling Assignment Help

BHT4018 Supply Chain Modelling Assignment Help

Summative Assessment  

a) This assignment represents the hr of the module.

b) The work ought to be submitted on or before 23:59 on five February 2018 in Unlearn/Turnitin following the link: Assignments/Summative Assessment/ The coursework document.

c) A word-processed report of three,000 words ought to be provided. All numerica and graphical analyses ought to be enclosed during this document and submitted via Unlearn, Turnitin. The files with the model solutions (e.g. in ARENA, Excel,
Paragon etc.) should be submitted in Unilearn following the indicated link: Assignments/Summative Assessment/The model's file.

d) You will receive feedback on this assignment on twenty-eighth Feb 2018.

e) The tutor appraisal work is due on fourteen March 2018.

f) The front page of your report ought to embody the following: student name and number, module code, assignment name, tutor name, total word count for the main text (this excludes the word count for the figures, tables, front page, references, table of contents and appendices). Incorporate a table of contents when the front page.

At the tip of your report, incorporate an inventory of references victimization the APA6 referencing vogue and appendices.


You are needed to analyze and develop your own case study material for this assignment following the provision chain structure provided in Figure one below. The case study may be targeted at any producing company as a focal work. wherever a full case study or elements of the case study are being compiled from printed secondary material, you're needed to reference this suitably victimization the APA6 referencing vogue.
BHT4018 Supply Chain Modeling
A. Describe the case study you aim to develop. you'll be able to amendment the characteristics of the model provided in Figure one to suit together with your desired case study. However, your changed model ought to embody suppliers, the manufacturer (s), and retailers. any longer modifications of the model ar possible. The developed model might incorporate any variety of suppliers, more than one manufacturer with assembly and pre-assembly operations, retailers, distributors, and final customers.

Highlight the vital problems at intervals in this case study (for example, high inventory level, low client service level, high transport price,
inappropriate use of performance measures, and so on). Identify the key performance measures which will be thought about for the
analysis (for example, total distance traveled, variety of product delivered, delivered on time fully, and so on).

Provide regard to the info set to be employed in this analysis.
(35 marks)

B. choose 2 operational techniques to solve/analyze a number of the problems identified partially A. the choice of the techniques should create use of 2 of the following: separate event simulation for advanced offer chain systems victimization ARENA, Vehicle Routing downside (using surpass or Paragon) and/or the ERP approach victimization SAP.

Describe the theoretical aspects of the chosen operational techniques in the context of your case study. Detail however and why your elect technique is best suited to the known issue.

Describe the approach needed to use the chosen techniques which will potentially offer associate degree improvement to the problems known.
(35 marks)

C. Critically analyze the planned models and results. gift your conclusions and provides recommendations for the long run.
(30 marks)

D. reflective on your expertise of doing this assignment, offer a self-evaluation on however getting ready for this assignment helped you in your understanding of the provision chain modeling techniques. Please note: your reflection could be a personal one, thus this half won't be assessed. However, it will be taken to make a part of the general analysis supposed to determine your understanding of the contributions of offer chain modeling. This evaluation could also be thought-about for the general module analysis and research. there'll be no regard to your name if any data provided at intervals this report is employed in the analysis.





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