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BBUS1003 Business Communication Assessment Type Individual Assignment

 Stage 1:

Research – Students will conduct their research for at least two articles from EBSCO database for this assessment. Students will be required to save the articles to a USB or email to save them. The articles will be used in coming weeks to help write this assessment.  Students will be required to write a 300 word summary (150 words for each article) explaining the main point of the articles. Students are required to submit the th summary on Moodle by the A2 Research submission link by Week 5 Sunday 26  April 2020 at 5pm (AEST) (4 marks)

Stage 2

Writing First Draft – Students will work on creating a first draft of this assessment and submitting in Week 6. Students will be required to submit a draft on  Moodle by the A2 First Draft link by Week 6 Sunday 3rd May 2020 at 5pm (AEST) (4 marks)

Stage 3:

Second Draft with Referencing – Students will use the feedback from their first draft, and make changes to the draft and add in-text citations and a reference list using the articles and other sources, using Harvard Style Referencing. Students are required to submit the Second Draft on Moodle by the A2 Second Draft th link by Week 7 Sunday 10  May 2020 at 5pm (AEST). (4 marks)

Stage 4:

Final Submission – Students are required to submit the final version of a th 1000 word case study report in Moodle/Turnitin at the end of Week 8, Sunday 17  May 2020 at 5pm (AEST). (8 marks) Content and Structure Interpersonal skills in the workplace are very important. Students will use the below scenario which asks students to produce a case study report discussing why the role of active listening an

d giving feedback are so important in an organisatDetailed Submission Moodle/Turnitin submission Requirements

1000 words Title page including: Assessment title/number, Student Name/ID, Lecturer Name, Group number, Word Count Header/Footer details including: Student ID, Assessment title/number, page number 2.5 cm margins

1.5 line spacing Calibri or Arial font 11-12 size font

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2 credible

sources Use Harvard referencing including in-text citations and reference list. Misconduct The assessment will be submitted through Turnitin via your unit page on Moodle. Turnitin is plagiarism software, which will identify if you have copied information and included it in your assessment. Copying information from others (i.e. websites, partner company information, or other students etc.) without the acknowledging the author is classified as misconduct. Engaging someone else to write any part of your assessment for you outside of the group work arrangement is classified as misconduct. To avoid being charged with Misconduct, students need to submit their own work and apply Harvard Style


(ask your lecturer or the learning support coordinator (support@aih.nsw.edu.au) if you do not know what this means, or you need assistance applying it). The AIH misconduct policy and procedure can be read on the AIH website (https://aih.nsw.edu.au/about-us/policies-procedures/). Use the AIH referencing guide accessible via Library and Learning Support Page on Moodle. Special Consideration Students whose ability to submit or attend an


item is affected by sickness, misadventure or other circumstances beyond their control, may be eligible for special consideration. No consideration is given when the condition or event is unrelated to the student's performance in a component of the assessment, or when it is considered not to be serious. Students applying for special consideration must submit the form within 3 working days of the due date of the assessment item or exam. The form can be obtained from the AIH website (https://aih.nsw.edu.au/current-students/student-forms/) or on-campus at Reception. The request form must be submitted to Student Services. Supporting evidence should be attached. For further information please refer to the Student Assessment Policy and associated Procedure available on .ion.   Scenario You work for a small-medium sized organisation. You meet with lots of customers each day. You have been meeting with many very angry customers because they have not been receiving their products on time or they have been receiving them damaged. You have just finished dealing with a very angry customer who has really annoyed you. Your supervisor walks in. You are feeling guilty because you snapped back at the customer a couple of times, but you are afraid to say anything to your supervisor because you do not want to get into trouble. At the same time, you want to express your annoyance and give your supervisor feedback about the many customers coming in very upset. You are to demonstrate that you have been actively listening to the customers’ complaints and are able to give your supervisor feedback of the issues.


Answer the following questions:  Describe the listening process and explain how active listening has value in professional situations.  List at least three benefits of effective listening in business.  Identify five ways to become a more effective listener.  Discuss barriers to listening in a diverse workplace?  Explain how constructive feedback is provided to foster an open organisational culture.  Using the above scenario, explain how you would approach your supervisor to outline the customer complaints, using your active listening and effective feedback skills.  


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