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BAM040 Organisational Behaviour and HRM

BAM040 Organisational Behaviour and HRM



 BAM040 Organisational Behaviour and HRM 

·  Please Note: You are permitted to upload your Coursework in the final submission area as many times as you like before the deadline. You will receive a similarity/originality score which represents what the Turnitin system identifies as work similar to another source. The originality score can take over 24 hours to generate, especially at busy times e.g. submission deadline.

 · If you upload the wrong version of your Coursework, you are able to upload the correct version of your Coursework via the same submission area. You simply need to click on the 'submit paper' button again and submit your new version before the deadline.

 In doing so, this will delete the previous version which you submitted and your new updated version will replace it. Therefore your Turnitin similarity score should not be affected. If there is a change in your Turnitin similarity score, it will be due to any changes you may have made to your Coursework.

 ·  Please note, when the due date is reached, the version you have submitted last, will be considered as your final submission and it will be the version that is marked.

 ·  Once the due date has passed, it will not be possible for you to upload a different version of your assessment. Therefore, you must ensure you have submitted the correct version of your assessment which you wish to be marked, by the due date.


 Coursework questions

 1.  Use the PESTEL framework supported by examples to explain how the external environment in which organisations operate influences HR strategies.

 2. Identify and critically discuss different models used to study organisational culture.

 3. What is social loafing in the context of teamwork and why does it occur?

 4.  Explain the importance of flexibility in the contemporary business environment and discuss what organisations can do to increase flexibility.



 Assessment Criteria:


Please refer to Appendix B of the Programme Regulations for detailed Assessment Criteria.


·     The coursework weights 30% of the module final mark.


·         This paper contains four questions. All questions will be given equal weight (25%) marked out of 100 marks.



 Style and Format


· Font size: 12pt (preferably Arial); Line spacing: Double spacing


·  References: Harvard style (a references list should be listed at the end of each answer)



 This is cheating. Do not be tempted and certainly do not succumb to temptation. Plagiarised copies are invariably rooted out and severe penalties apply. All assignment submissions are electronically tested for plagiarism. More information may be accessed via: https://mba.elearning.london.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=5&section=1


Penalties for exceeding the word count:

 There are penalties for exceeding the specified word count.

 · The maximum word limit for this coursework assignment is 2,500 words (excluding the list of references).

 ·  You may use less than 2,500 words but in so doing you may be penalising yourself as it is likely to be challenging to respond to the coursework brief.

·  You MUST state an accurate word count (excluding the list of references) at the end of your work. If you do not state an accurate word count your mark will be reduced by 5 marks.


 ·  The content within the main body of text comprises the overall word count, including in-text citations, references, quotes, heading and sub-headings. The cover page, reference list and any appendices do not count towards the overall word count.

 ·  If you submit more than 2,500 words the following penalties apply:

 a. Up to 10% more than 2,500 words – your mark will be reduced by 5 marks;

 b. For more than 10% than 2,500 words you will receive zero marks for this work.





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