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AURETR031 Diagnose and Repair Assignment Help

AURETR031 Diagnose and Repair Assignment Help

AURETR031 Diagnose and Repair Assignment Help


This assessment will ensure that the elements, performance criteria, performance evidence and knowledge evidence required and conditions are adhered to demonstrate competency in this unit assessment task.

·         Read the assessment carefully before commencing.

·         This is an open book assessment and will be conducted at the RTO address.

·         Your Assessor will use the assessment criteria in this document and will provide feedback / comment.

·         You must answer all the questions in the assessment tasks in your own words and own handwriting.

·         This assessment will be required to be completed in 16 hours

·         Your Trainer / Assessor will inform you of the due date for this assessment task.

·         Your Assessor will grade as either S – Satisfactory or NS – Not Satisfactory for the assessment. In all cases your Assessor will provide you with feedback.

·         Only when all assessment tasks have been graded as S – Satisfactory you will be deemed C – Competent in the final result of the unit of competency; if you do not satisfactorily complete all the assessment tasks you will be deemed NYC – Not Yet Competent.

Re-Assessment Conditions

·         If the evidence is graded as NS – Not Satisfactory you will be required to re-submit the evidence. In this case, you will be provided with clear and constructive feedback based on the assessment decision so that they can improve your skills / knowledge prior to reassessment.

·         Where a ‘NS – Not Satisfactory’ judgement is made, you will be given guidance on steps to take to improve your performance and provided the opportunity to resubmit evidence to demonstrate competence. The assessor will determine and discuss the reasons for NS – Not satisfactory on any of the criteria and will assess you through a different method of assessment e.g. verbal/oral questioning, problem solving exercises.

·         You will be notified within 10 working days of undertaking an assessment of their result in achieving competency

o        If a student does not complete the assessment, they should notify their trainer as to why they did not complete the assessment and if due to illness, a medical certificate must be produced. “This process is detailed more in the “Training and Assessment Policy and Procedure”

o        In the above scenario, student will be given an opportunity for reassessment within 5 working days with no reassessment fee charged.

o       Students who are deemed to be Not Yet Competent (NYC) will be provided with information identifying the areas in which they failed to achieve competency. Students will then have the opportunity to repeat the assessment task within 5 working days of notification with no reassessment fee charged.

o        If a student is deemed NYC in the reassessment or if the student did not approach the RTO within five working days with a valid reason for not availing themselves of the reassessment opportunity, then those students will be given a final chance to re-sit the assessment and will be charged at $200.00. 

o  After this no further reassessment attempt will be provided to the student and the student will be required to repeat the whole unit with full fee for the unit as per the fees policy of the RTO. The student will be made aware of the impact of repeating the unit may have on their student visa. 

o       If a student is found to be cheating or plagiarising their assessment, a $200.00 reassessment fee will be charged for reassessing the assessment within 5 working days.

o       If the student is found to be plagiarising or cheating again after conclusion of the Intervention meeting with the Course Co-ordinator, the matter will be referred to the CEO / Operation Manager which may result in the suspension or cancellation of their enrolment 

      The RTO has intervention strategies, including student support services available to enable students to complete qualification in the expected time frame. Students at risk of not completing within this time frame are identified as early as possible and an intervention strategy is put in place.

The RTO will ensure access to:

·         automotive repair workplace or simulated workplace 

·         workplace instructions 

·         manufacturer ignition system specifications 

·         two different vehicles, vessels or machinery with ignition system faults 

·         diagnostic equipment for ignition systems, including: 

o    multimeter 

o    scan tool 

o    oscilloscope 

·         tools, equipment and materials appropriate for repairing vehicle, vessel or machinery ignition systems. 



Evidence to be submitted by the student: - 

Completed written responses to the questions in the assessment task

Assessment Decision Making Rules

Your assessor will assess the evidence submitted for the following elements, performance criteria, performance evidence and knowledge evidence to confirm that the student evidence submitted demonstrates validity, sufficiency, authenticity and confirms current skills and knowledge relevant to the unit of competency. 

Your assessor will be looking for the following in this assessment task: - 

·        work health and safety (WHS) and occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements relating to diagnosing and repairing ignition systems, including procedures for:-

       using specialised tools and equipment 

      o    using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) 

      o    identifying hazards and controlling risks associated with: 

       -    working on high voltage ignition systems 

       -    wearing jewellery while working around high current wiring systems 

·               operating principles of ignition systems and associated components, including: 

      o    generating principles, including Faraday’s law and inducing an electromotive force (EMF) 

·         application, purpose and operation of ignition systems and components, including: 

      o    ignition coils, including: 

       -     internal component function and operation: primary windings, iron core and secondary windings 

       -     electromagnetic induction in the coil 

       -     spark plugs: identification, thread size, reach, heat range, resistance-type plugs, and type and number of earth electrodes 

       -       ignition leads 

      o    Kettering ignition system, including: 

       -    primary section: battery, ignition switch, ballast resistor, ignition coil primary windings, contact breaker point and capacitor 

        -     secondary section: ignition coil secondary windings, coil high tension lead, rotor button and distributor cap, spark plug high tension leads and spark plugs 

       -    firing order 

       -     ignition timing and methods of varying timing according to engine load and speed 

      o    electronic ignition systems, including: 

       -     pulse generator systems: stator and rotor units, ignition control units, current limiting and dwell control 

       -        Hall effect systems: Hall effect device, and permanent magnet and signal waveform 

       -         optical ignition systems: light emitting diodes (LEDs), rotating disc and optical electronic semiconductors 

      o    magneto ignition systems: shuttle and inductor magnetos, and energy transfer ignition systems  

      o    capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) systems: 

       -        transformer, charging circuit, triggering circuit, main capacitor and rectifier 

       -        alternating current CDI 

       -        direct current CDI 

      o    waste spark ignition systems 

      o    coil on plug ignition systems 

·              diagnostic testing procedures for ignition systems, including: 

      o    using diagnostic flow charts 

      o    testing electrical systems, including procedures for: 

       -        accessing electrical terminals and using test probes without damaging connectors, fuse holders or wiring 

       -        checking resistance, current flow and voltage drop of ignition system circuits 

       -        testing ignition coils 

      o    using oscilloscopes, including interpreting ignition system primary and secondary waveforms 

·               repair procedures for ignition systems, including: 

      o    removing and replacing faulty or damaged components 

      o    setting contact breaker gap and checking dwell 

      o    adjusting ignition system timing 

      o    removing, replacing and re-timing distributors 

·         post-repair testing procedures for ignition systems, including static and dynamic performance tests of ignition systems. 


AURETR031 Diagnose and Repair Assignment Help, diagnose and repair charging systems, diagnose and repair looking glass server, diagnose and repair air conditioning, diagnose and repair the physical layer, diagnose and repair vehicle dynamic control 




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