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Executive summary

The report constitutes financial analysis of the company TCW. As a manager in the auditing company of Miller Yates Howarth (MYH), which is an accounting firm, also the financial information of the company TCW is provided within this report. The report includes the analysis of ratio as well the additional information based in the operational activities of organization that includes diverse functional and organizational activities right from growing grapes to the production of red white as well sparkling wines and cattle beef production on the surplus land to the grape production as well as investing with the surplus funds. The ratio analysis of this organization is thus based on the financial information drawn within the financial years of 2016, 2017 and 2018.  All these information of this company is gathered for preparing an audit plan for Trunkey Creek Wines Limited. Therefore, analysis of the ratio analysis includes are based in the account receivables investments, property assets,and marketing expenses as well. Information on the internal control as well has been audited for getting the information that is crucial for outlining the business risks that are potentials and is faced till now by TWC. The report further focuses on the factors that have been effective or may be potentially effective in relation to the control within the system. Further, identification of the weakness that prevails within the internal control in relation to the purchases and the accounts payable are carried out with its justification within this report. Through the financial analysis of the organization along with the internal audit in relation to that of the company, it is worth mentioning, that the weaknesses that are included within the internal control system, it is very important to address the issues. The addressing of the issues, as well as the financial risks,are going to help the company in bringing in sustainability through the employment of the tactics that are crucial in the financial management of any organization. The payment system, the information system that is implied within the organization still lacks integration which requires immediate prioritization of these weaknesses that may lead to a potential risk in the long run. Thus, the report is going to provide clear insights not only for TWC but for the Trunkey Creek Wines Limited. This reveals the fact, that the financial analysis after the audit is the key to success of any company in managing the finance of the company. The budget and generation of internal control of the cost that can be monitored internally is yet another sign of the financial management which is highly crucial for any company has done provided as manager of Miller Yates Howarth.

According to the above table, it is observed that the ratios are denoting financial fluctuations during the year regarding the market returns from various accounts heads. In this context, it is to be added that the detailed observation of the important financial assets is also to be performed in order to get the most of the understandings from the valuations. It is observed that the return on equity and the profitability ratios have increased during the current fiscal compared to its previous valuations which denote that the company is able to generate higher net profitability also returns on invested equity. Although the firm is generating higher financial values it has higher margins of financial expenses and risks during the year. As the expenses ratios have increased considerably and the debt ratios also denote that the financial activities of the firm is consuming higher margins of aggregate expenses and reduces the gross profitability margins. Also, the increase in the debt ratios denotes that the firm has increased its financial risks during the year. The financial risks of the TWC Company have been observed to be consisting of several equity valuations and the reduction in the overall returns on the invested assets. The expenses enhancement in the financial year also reduces the return on asserts margins as the firm is quite unable to perform the debt minimization process and short-term liability maintenance because of the lower margins of the liquidity ratios. 


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