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The need to understand and further develop the skills of an individual always stays beneficial for assisting the individual for their work-based activities. Moreover, by analysing their individual skills and eligibility, one can prepare to achieve their target aims and objectives. In this assignment, the job role of a hotel night manager working in 4star company has been analysed in terms of skills and qualifications.

1.1 Work-based activities related to the role of work, the range of work and diversity

The work-based activities marked for a night manager working in hotels are different in comparison to the managers that work at daytime (Roberts et al. 2017). I work as a night manager in a 4-star hotel and has been trained to work according to the specification of the hotel. The following are the job specifications that I need to perform within my company:

Position Title: Night Manager

Reports To: Front Office Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

       Monitoring and managing activities if every employee in the Front Office department.

       The standards of excellence and guidelines set in the employee handbook, hotel policies are highly required.

       Ensuring guest satisfaction and safety

       Taking brief for all staff working the night shift

       Assuring job deliverance to each employee


       Must communication in English in both writing and speaking

       To represent the hotel management as a night manager


       Engineering (Electronics) QCF

       Bachelor of Arts

       EDEXCEL Functional skills qualification in Mathematics

       Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hospitality Services (QCF)


       I previously worked in Front Office department

       Experience for customer service and general computer functioning

The range of areas of hospitality industry I work in relates to the commercial area. Therefore, I require staying more presentable through my activities as my every action reflects my hotel culture.

1.3 Agreed work-based activities

In addition to the held discussion, the need to develop skills related to the mentioned action planning benefits an individual to the high care of the services that are further delivered (Wall et al. 2017). In order to review the above-discussed action plan, there are specific skills that must be known by an individual who aims to achieve a set target. However, in case of hotel night manager working in a 4-star hotel, the following are set of skills required to stay active:

        Skills of administration

       Communication skills

       Skills for managing teamwork

       Leadership skills

       Skills of decision making

       Skills of managing change

Therefore, among the above-mentioned skills, I am well accustomed to the skills of active communication, leadership, and team working. In order to work in more professional; manner, I still require to work on the skills of change management and skills of making effective decisions to the faced situation. As argued by Wall & Hindley (2018), the need to develop skills as per the work based activities always stays helpful for an individual to comply easily with the job specifications. Therefore, I further continued to strengthen the skills that I already possessed. The skills of active communication are the main skill that reflects the job performance of a manager.

2.1 Examining specifications and constraints to selected techniques, procedures and methods


The specification marked for the night hotel manager highlights the following factors:

       Conducting briefing for all staffs working at night shift

       Checking accommodations

       Maintaining professional service quality

       Taking part in decision making

       Ability to perform night audit in case of emergency

       Ability to monitor and develop team member performance

       Ability to solve the problem, train staffs, and lead team

In terms of constraints, the each of the mentioned specifications aims to fulfill a specific demand of their clients of guests. Moreover, by staying efficient in taking a decision, the night manager can stay prepared in advance for any mishap that may generate in future. The ability to perform night audit further helps the manager to maintain financial balance through record keeping strategy. This helps the firm to investigate the accurate records in case of any mishap. In addition to the held discussion, the issues that may arise through technical and environmental aspects can be managed efficiently only when the employees are well trained. Thus, the duty of both manager and the datasets are directly related to each other as developing one will definitely impact the other either in terms of appreciation. As marked by Wall et al. (2017), working as per the job specifications makes an individual more stable and focused to achieve and further develop them for staying eligible.  

2.2 Assessing working relationship for using selected methods, techniques and procedures

In relation to the job role of a night hotel manager, there are different working relationships that an individual faced while working in a hotel. Therefore, by relating to the above discussion, the following are the working relationships being accessed from the perspective of a night hotel manager:

Colleagues: In terms of colleagues, the working relationship shed lights upon the bond that is created while working in the same environment. There are a group of people that are hired with the same designation and thus trained for serving the same quality services. 

Line Managers: The working relationship for a line manager highlights the very fact of senior managers that train the new candidates. A relationship of trust and guidance is developed with the line managers as they respond to prepare more potential employees for the company in future.

Clients: The clients or the customers of an organisation are the main focus on which the managers plan their future strategies. That is, by studying the nature, taste, and preferences of clients, the managers further manage change within their service and expected quality. 

Subcontractors and Main contractor: From the perspective of a hotel manager, the link marked for subcontractors and main contractors is vital as they help the firm to expand at local as a well international boundary


Roberts, R., Brammar, L., & Cobb, F. (2017). Experiential work-based learning as a social mobility mechanism for widening participation students. Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling38(1), 44-51.

Robinson, T. S. (2017). Closing the Skills Gap: A Comprehensive Work-Based Learning Model Developed through Partnerships among Manufacturers, Community Colleges and High Schools in Northeast Ohio. ProQuest LLC.




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