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This report has entailed the formulation of the website of the Place of Aussie Stamps. This is carried out by the implementation of C# and ASP.NET 4.0. The web pages have been developed as per the specifications that have been provided to carry out this work. In addition to carry out the proper designing of the layout, the functionality needs to be specified by the organisation. The colour schemes have been developed by the customisation provided by the web designer, and the functionality has been developed by the customisations made by the web page developers.  

Overview of the website


A marker page is used and the pages of content are developed throughout. A consistent theme is defined and utilised throughout the development of the page. A web.sitemap is used and the related controls are navigated. The authorisation rules and roles are implemented the security of the site. A database is utilised to retrieve the details of the stamp and this database is implemented to the developer. In order to develop the website, a shopping cart is implemented that incorporates and highlights the pros and cons of the website interface. 

Provided   materials in the starter kit

In order to commence this assignment successfully, a starter kit has been provided in the website. The starter kit comprises of the directory of images that comprises of all the images necessary to carry out the assignment, an SQL database named StampDatabase.mdf that would be necessary to carry out this assignment, the files that act as resources for the themes to carry out this assignment.


Website structure and requirements

The place of Aussie Stamps comprises of the links named Admin, App_Data, Pages, Images, Themes and Shopping. The page that is hyperlinked in the form of Admin is carried out by four Active Server Page extensions named AddUser.aspx, AddUserToRole.aspx, ManageCatalogue.aspx and Default.aspx. According to Geng (2016, p.29), the Data of Application is built upon the database named StampDatabase.mdf. The Pages section is executed by the application of six ASP programs named StampList.aspx, Register.aspx, StampCatalogue.aspx, StampItem.aspx, ChangePassword.aspx, Specials.aspx and Default.aspx. The Default.aspx is carried out by the execution of three programs named Web.config, MasterPage.master and Web.sitemap. The Shopping page is carried out by the execution of Checkout.aspx, ShoppingCartPage.aspx and ShoppingCartItem.aspx

The database file

According to Jan, et al. (2016, p.44), the database of SQL has been provided to the developer in the starter kit of the Assignment. It comprised of the required information that would be necessary to carry out the assignment. A table has been provided named TabularStamps that comprises of 8 fields. They are StampId, Price, Name, LastUpdate, InStock, Series, Picture and OnSpecial. In addition to this, the datatype of the field, their necessity in the website and the description of the field is also provided in the table.   

Description of the pages

The home page comprises of a vintage stamp of Australia that describes in brief the contents of the website. Comprises of a dropdown box that permits the user to customise the theme of the website, it also provides the options to view the stamp catalogues in the form of lists or catalogues, and possess associated links that directs this page to other pages, namely Specials, Register, Shopping Cart and Checkout. It also comprises of a log-in and password box and also consist the link of a page that redirects the user to register a new user. Referring to Sawadsky et al. (2013, p.815), the Stamp Catalogue comprises of a dropdownlist that comprises of various animals and the catalogues pop up depending upon the choice of the user. The complete catalogue of the stamps has been provided in the website along with the price of each stamp. It also comprises of a list of the number of in-stock elements present of each type of stamp along with the date since the last update of its corresponding database. A link has been provided along with each stamp that permits the user to add the corresponding bought stamp to the cart, if available



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