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Anthem Incl.Marketing Strategies

Anthem Incl.Marketing Strategies

Anthem Incl. Marketing Strategies

Anthem Inc. is an established American insurance company that was started in 2004 when WellPoint Health Networks incl. Merged with the then Anthem incl. However, in 2014, WellPoint Health Networks, the parent company resolved to change its corporate name to Anthem Incl. With its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana so that it could be able to access a wider market in the American insurance industry. Indeed, there is no doubt that Anthem Incl. has been a leader in providing quality and reliable services to its customers since its establishment. This paper is going to explore the tactics and strategies that Anthem Incl. Has been employing to meet the needs and expectations of its numerous clients across the American market. Additionally, the paper will document the strategies which the company will use to introduce a new service to the market, the branding techniques as well as the pricing strategies to be used.

Anthem insurance company corporate of rate mission is to be Americas most valued and trusted health partner. Anthem has proved to be the most trusted and valued health partner in the insurance field since its establishment.  For instance, from 2008 to 2017, Anthem insurance company was listed in the top 50 companies that support Disability in the United States. Additionally, the company has received numerous awards in other categories which include; Top 10 Vet Friendly Employees in 2014, Top 5 Health Champion, 2015 as well as Top Companies for Veteran in 2013. There is no doubt that Anthem is a well- organized insurance provider because of the use of the awards that it has received throughout its existence.

Currently, Anthem insurance company is looking forward to rebrand and expand its dental insurance plan. The plan will be divided into two categories, individual and family dental insurance plans. For the individual plan, they will pay a fee that only caters for their dental services while the family plan will cater for the entire family and their pay will be a bit costly compared to the individual plan. For customers who will choose the family plan, they will be limited to five members per family and the children should be under the age of 18 years. The Dental insurance plan will cover both the employed and the self- employed persons in the United States of America.

The expansion and the rebranding of the dental insurance plan are in line with Anthem’s insurance Company corporate mission of providing trusted and valued insurance services to its customers.  In many occasions, insurance companies would introduce services to their customers then charge them accordingly but eventually fail to provide quality services that match the fees paid. Customers are the ones who suffer when the health insurance provider fails to provide services that are worth their pay. For Anthem insurance, quality and prompt service delivery is the culture that all the employees have been adhering to immediately they are employed. The efforts of the employees and the management have been recognized by several global institutions where the firm has received many awards.


Since the dental insurance policy is going to be affordable and targeted to cover many people in the society, new posters will be printed, and a simple logo that can attract the attention of many people will be used. Most probably, a logo that represents all the family members will be the most appropriate in addition to the color of the logo and the entire advert. Essentially, the colors to be used will be shiny and appealing from far so that it becomes easy for campaigners to get crowds during marketing.


The marketing of the product will be done in two ways, internal and external marketing.

1.    Internal marketing

Internal marketing contributes to more than 35% of the total sales of an insurance policy in the United States. Several companies take this golden opportunity by printing pamphlets, and leaflets then give customers when they visit their facilities. Anthem insurance company will as well print enough pamphlets and leaflets then distribute them to all the branches for customers and anybody visiting their facilities. Additionally, the doctors and all the employees will be the ambassadors of the new and improved service.

2.    External marketing

There will be a team tasked with campaigns outside Anthem insurance Company branches and facilities. This team will be campaigning in cities, towns, and estates within America in cars and tracks with several banners on them. More so the external marketing will entail the use of social media marketing which includes Television advertisement, twitter, and email marketing. 


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