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source 1

Fundamentals of organizational communication. Book.

Shockley-Zalabak, P., 2014. Fundamentals of organizational communication. Pearson.



Fundamentals of organizational communication is a book that has been written by the author Shockley-Zalabak, who has introduced various fundamentals that are to be followed and maintained by the organisational employees in terms of maintaining effective communication in the organisation. The concepts of organizational communication that are based on the personal knowledge, interpersonal sensitivity, communication skills and ethical values, have been identified and mentioned in this book by the author. It mainly represents the understanding and development of the communication skills that is to be maintained and followed by the organisation. The main focus of the author in this book is to show the research that has been done by the author in terms of theoretical concepts and study that will be helping in generating personal knowledge for the readers. The author tries to develop an analytical capability in the readers through the skill framework that has been mentioned in the content. This book will be effective in developing the skills and concepts that were essential to be maintained by the employees in an organisation, it will be effective in formulating knowledge in the students who are still in their academic period but will help in maintaining the understanding of the core concepts of the organisational communication in future. The basic approach of the content of the book is to realise the different concepts and structures that are to be followed in the organisation. It gives the detailed knowledge on the skills that is essential to be maintained.



In order to understand the professional communication skill and importance to gain such skill, the book provides a detailed writing of the skills, concepts, and the requirement of understanding the skills, the essentiality of the communication skills in an organisation. Through this book the readers will be able to gain knowledge on the relevant theories, the technologies, knowledge on leadership, the different types of leadership theories that are essential to known in order to utilise them in practical use, the diversity in the communication skills and knowledge. The book shows the different concepts on global organisation and the ethics. The 9th edition of the book has been released recently. There are various issues mentioned in the book regarding the organisational communication that is being faced in the organisation. It is seen that the use of the book by the students will be helpful for them. The students will be able to conduct a 7 week internship that will help them to develop the communication skills in terms of organisational communication skill that is important to be learned by the students for future. The main limitations that have been founded in this book is that the practical application of the communication skills in terms of the organisational communication is not possible. The amount of information that is being provided in this book is useful for me in order to understand the concepts of organisational communication skills. These learning will be effective in applying them in practical use in future.

Source 2


Communication and interpersonal skills in social work. Book.

Koprowska, J., 2014. Communication and interpersonal skills in social work. Learning Matters.



Communication and interpersonal skills in social work is a book that has been written by the author Juliet Koprowska, who has underlined the knowledge on communication skills that are essential to be understood by the students who are either studying in postgraduate level of undergraduate level. It will help them to develop further preparation for the learning practice in order to apply them in the different social work that will be carried by them. The book has been a result of the different changes that has been brought by the government bodies, the professional changes and the reviews done of the social work ethics and the different problem that has aroused due to the miscommunication or maintenance of improper communication among the practitioners of social work.

The author has underwent the different that she has gained in the previous studies conducted by her in terms of the communication experience and the current situations that are prevalent in terms of maintaining the communication process by the people involved in social work. The global phenomena that is being present and the issues that has been identified in different articles or news or book regarding the improper behaviour among the social workers has led to the release of this book in order to develop the skills of communication and interpersonal skills among the students who will be involving themselves in the different social work. This book will provide a ground to the students and the readers in order to help them in conducting future study on the communication and interpersonal skills that are useful in order to develop the relationship as a social worker, development of shared perspectives with the people in order to deal with the issues that are being faced by them.


This book is relevant to the current topic that is being dealt with, which is professional communication skill. This cook is useful in understanding the concepts of communication and development of interaction with a person while going through the issue that are being faced by the individual. It is seen that the book gives a detailed writing on the theories that are to be followed in order to develop the communication skills and interpersonal skills in practice. With the help of this book the readers and the students will be able to learn the different theories that are present in order to develop the communication and the interpersonal skills essential to be presenting an individual. This is done so that the students are able to understand the basic concepts of communication skill which is required in order to become a social worker and avoid the different consequences that may arise due to improper communication while working as a social worker. Even though the book has provided various theories and fundamentals but certain limitation were present as the book was entirely focused on skills and grounded to social work. The latest edition of the book has revealed a new chapter that gives more material on the relationship base in social work and emotional intelligence.




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