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All the things you need to know about Fissured Tongue:-

Do you ever see a crack in the middle of the tongue? Do not freak out. It might be the case of a fissured tongue.

Fissured tongue is a rare condition that creates smaller or deeper grooves along the top surface of your tongue which is known as dorsum area of the tongue. Apart from the dorsum, these small furrows can occur towards the side parts as well.

The sizes and the depths vary to each person who gets affected under this condition. Some people might have one deep groove on the very top of the tongue while other people can have several shallow fissures all around the area. 

Who gets these cracks on the tongue?

Fissures tongue is also known by the name of the scrotal tongue or plicated tongue. It develops mostly from childhood or can be visible from the time of birth as well. However, this condition is common but can increase its severity as you grow up. But this condition does not follow any particular age boundaries, it can occur to anyone at any age. Usually, men are affected more than the women.

What causes Fissured Tongue?

So you might be looking for the answers to reasons of these creepy cracks on the tongues?

Well, usually there are no highlighted causes that are concerned about a fissured tongue. Although some medical experts believe fissures tongue can occur under particular conditions like malnutrition or infection. Other syndromes which might cause the cracks on the tongue are -

       1.Down syndrome which is a chromosomal disorder and affects more than 80% of children.

       2.Geographic Tongue, often known as Benign Migratory Glossitis or BMG, can be the reason of fissured tongue as well. 

       3.Another rare condition is the Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome which includes not only a fissured tongue but also lip or facial swelling along with Bell's palsy, a type of facial paralysis.

Apart from all these reasons, some authorities also consider this condition is nothing but a variation of the normal tongue. Even in most of the cases, fissured tongue is genetically transmitted or can occur due to degeneration.

fissured tongue

How will you recognize a fissured tongue?

Although fissured tongue mostly affects the top surface of a tongue, it can spread towards the edges of your tongue as well. The characteristics of fissured tongues are visible enough to catch your attention whether you are suffering from it or not.

      1.There will be cracks or furrows along the top or sides of only your tongue as it does not affect anywhere else in your body. These fissures can be single or multiple.                         

      2.The depth of these grooves can also vary. It can extend up to 6 millimeters if you have a severe condition. It can also be quite shallow as well. 

      3.Mostly this is a painless condition but can be sensitive to hot and spicy foods. Even there are possibilities of foods getting stuck inside those furrows which might cause further infection and bad breath.

      4.A fissured tongue appears as a wrinkled or split tongue.

      5.You may not find the small pinkish bumps in different areas of the tongue which are known as papillae, the signs of a healthy tongue.

How do the doctors diagnose a fissured tongue?

The Dentists can easily find it out whether you have a fissured tongue or not while examining your teeth or the entire mouth. Mostly during the regular dental checkups, this condition gets identified by the experts. As this is a quite common condition which characterizes single or multiple cracks on the tongue, the doctors do not usually ask for biopsy tests. Hence this disease is not dangerous as you might have thought. But you should never ignore the condition and always be under routine check-ups with the doctor to avoid severity.

Is there any medical treatment for a Fissured tongue?

Fissured tongue is a harmless condition that shows no particular and severe symptoms. There is even no particular treatment required for treating a fissured tongue. But there are some preventive methods suggested by the doctors, which can decrease the irritations and the chances of severity.

People who suffer from fissured tongue might face the challenges while eating because most of the time the food debris gets trapped inside the deep cracks on the tongue. Hence a healthy practice of maintaining your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth or cleaning the upper surface of the tongue can reduce the irritation to some extent. Apart from regular toothbrushes, there are several devices available in the pharmacies, which are specially made for cleaning tongues can be quite helpful.

The doctors also alert the patients from consuming foods that are too spicy and acidic because these foods may cause more irritation and discomfort for the fissured tongue which might eventually cause the facial swelling.

Can home remedies decrease the irritation of a fissured tongue?

Fissure tongue is such a disease which either have no age-limits or any specific treatments apart from taking care of your oral hygiene. But there are few home remedies also which can reduce the irritation of fissured tongue.

      1.Fennel Seeds - Clearing the food debris from the cracks is the most challenging job for a fissured tongue patient. Chewing fennel seeds might reduce this burden because it causes producing more saliva and keeps your mouth hydrated. Thus the food remains easily gets removed by the saliva.

      2.Margosa or Neem - Neem's medical values are highly beneficial which include high anti-bacterial qualities. It fights against the bacterial growths, week teeth or other infections inside your mouth.

      3.Mint leaves - Boil some mint leaves in water and drink that water once a day. A mint-drink can decrease the extreme burning sensation of a fissured tongue caused due to spicy food consumption or other infections.

      4.Gargling with ginger, garlic, and onion - Make a paste of garlic and onion and add it to a glass of water. Gargle with this mixture every day will effectively reduce the tongue irritation. A paste of ginger is simultaneously helpful.

      5.Aloe-Vera gel- Aloe Vera is another magical element that leaves a soothing effect on the injuries. Taking a glass full of Aloe Vera extracts can also help to heal the condition of a fissured tongue.


However, a fissured tongue is not a much severe disease which will cause you nightmares. But there are also exceptional cases when you might feel the irritation is being intolerable. For those cases, you immediately must visit the Dentist without a second thought. Most importantly, you should always maintain the oral hygiene to avoid bad breath and other bacterial infections that might increase the trouble.

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