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The current report focuses on the overall analysis of travel and tourism sector. The current report includes the key developments of the travel and tourism sector in UK. In addition to this an explanation of the structure of travel and tourism are also included. These are shown with the help of a poster and a leaflet. The current report highlights the current national and local bodies that are responsible for the developments of travel and tourism sector. In addition implication of political change that influence the travel and tourism are also included. These highlights are shown in the report with the help of ppt and draft article. The current report discussed about the effects of supply demand in the concerned field of travel and tourism. Lastly the report also focuses on the impacts of tourism in the social as well as economic environment of the company. Some of the strategies for minimizing the negative impacts of travel and tourism sector are also being discussed in the current report.

Task 1

LO1: Structure and history of the travel and tourism sector

1.1 Explanation of major developments of the sector of travel and tourism sector

 UK always recognizes the tourism as an important field in the country. The tourism has developed a lot from past few years. In year 1996 there was no such duty of the air passengers. However, the duties of the air passengers increased a lot in year 2006. Since year 1992 there was a rule that no tour operators should conduct improper function (wttc.org, 2017). Thus, all your operators in UK offers package holidays as per the package tour regulations of UK. Previously there was discrimination with the people with disabilities but in 1995 the act was developed that promoted equal opportunity for people with disabilities. Many products of the travel and tourism are also developed in UK. Between year 1945 and 1960, 60% of the holiday market is catering the services of holiday camps (wttc.org, 2017). However, the holiday camps declined in the year 1970 due to the rise of demand for sunshine and abroad trip increased.ccerter parks were developed in UK that gave people short breaks, mid- break and longer stay for weekend. Moreover, short breaks are given for British people in outskirts of UK. With the development of technology in year 1990 lot of things changed in the field of travel and tourism in UK. Online booking services increased, people used tablets and Ipads for easy access of the travel and tourism sector. Internet revolutionized for the product purchase in tourism. New outlets for selling travel products increase with the invention of digital and cable TV. in year 2005, self check increased which helps the people to save costs and time for the travel companies by checking their luggage themselves (wttc.org, 2017). There is development in transport, in year 1950’s air travel was not that much common, late 1950’s increased the use of air services. People prefer using steam train during 1950’s, but diesel trains began in year 1960 and faster and cleaner transport developed. Lifestyle of people in UK also had developed this travel sector, previously people had less money so they are unable to afford high quality tourism services. However in the present year people have lot of money to spend on the travel and tourism sector. Last in the hierarchy comes the travel development, the government helps in planning, advising and regulating the industry (wttc.org, 2017). Meetings and events are regularly organized in order to have the competitive advantage over the other travel and tourism industry.

1.2 explanation of structural hierarchy of the travel and tourism sector

Five important components are present in the hierarchy of travel and tourism sector. First important component is attraction; the location that is visited by tourist should be attractive so that more people chose to visit that location. Next comes, the transport, which is an essential component in the sector with which people will rich their chosen destination. It is observed that transport forms minimum of 25% of the total tourist’s outlay for the trip. The public of UK expect that they should have proper and complete information about transport. Third component are the tour operators, these are the group of important person that organize tours one form of package system. One such example of the tour operators is TUI group. All types of offers are included in their package. Travel agents are also a component in the hierarchy they are responsible for selling the brochure to public. They form a bridge between public and tour operators. Specialist holidays are catered by the travel agents.

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