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The recent news of UK government publish the overview and the result some critical diseases  of the communities. BBC news publishes the recent diseases of the community in UK and specify the dealing process of the commercial diseases. The recent developing infrastructure of the society publishes some diseases for dealing with diseases. Here a case study of brain diseases and its impacts are discussed into BBC news.

Recent health issues of published into newspaper

The recently publishing reports in BBC news reviews about the brain diseases and it’s affects which creates a commercial harmful condition to the UK for the professional athletes. BBC news reviews that a study of American football player’s brain is getting damaged by internal brain damage.  It is the huge issue of the health by reducing the commercial and socio-economic infrastructure within the adjourning society. The national football players are suffering from chronic traumatic encephalography (CTE) (Mcdaid et al. 2013). The director of Boston University reviews that almost 99% footballers suffer from the neurodegenerative brain diseases. It damages the brain of the victims by destroying memory and intelligence power of brain (Pickett & Wilkinson, 2015).

The analysis says that presence of tau protein into the neural pathway creates health damages, memory loss and various mental problems within the exposure of health trauma. The extreme adverse effects of the disease need to have the flexible process for supporting scientific research with the advanced technology to prevent head injuries (Bidaisee & macpherson, 2014).

Process of dealing health issues

As the heads damages are the dangerous diseases of recently increasing communities it needs to have the enough and understandable process of dealing health issues. Director of Boston University creates CTE group to provide s the ideal therapy for the brain diseases. The exposure provides the health trauma with scientific research in CTE for preventing brain injuries. CTE provides the effective strategies to deal with the head injuries which are increased into NFL athletes (Klimeš 2014). In 2017 a rapid research of BBC news provides the ideal infrastructure of advanced and generic treatments. The dangerous health issues not only reduce the work power of the athletes but also reduce the mental strength of the long term effects of mental injuries in brain. The neurodegenerative disorders must use the cognitive factors for providing the supporting environment of the prevention of the diseases.

NAD intravenous therapy provides the promising treatment process for the diseases of CTE. it helps to interconnect the social structure by providing healthy life to NFL players in UK.

Development of health economic concepts publishes into news

In 2017, BBC news provides the effective health economic concepts for establishing the general support and publications of ideal treatments in UK.  Being the fastest growing economic infrastructure London must have to improve the technical; aspects for improving the social culture. The neurons based problems needs to have the ideal therapy with NAD development. It must use the socio-economic infrastructure by developing the growth of the economy.

As the therapy is costly for CTE diseases Government sponsored huge amount of donation for providing the secured strategy and infrastructure. It helps to improve the health care majority within the financial standard (Phillips, 2005)

Reference List


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