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Acupuncture is a complementary method of medication which involves the insertion of thin needles through the skin of a human being (Oleson, 29). This insertion is done so as to reduce the pain of a suffering individual. It alleviates the pain suffered by a person both in physical mental and emotional conditions. The invention of acupuncture has significantly helped the health care systems regarding improving healthcare. In this article, we shall look at the origin of acupuncture, how it is used, its pros and cons and the expected trends in its utilization in hospitals.

Acupuncture originated from the ancient Chinese people as a traditional healthcare system which was approved and tried by the Chinese people. The invention of acupuncture began back in the first century (BC and AD). The first source of information of some of the theories of acupuncture of Huang Di Neil Jing.  His work involved a critical analysis of the issue. He discovered some of the ways that can be used to determine the origin of illness, the diagnosis and the needling therapy used. The modern world theories are based on this invention, and they apply these concepts to come up with their findings on acupuncture. During the 20th century, their use in China dropped due to the western inventions, and this led to most of the trained doctors to ban the use of traditional Chinese medicine despite copying some of the aspects of the traditional acupuncture.

The interest in the subject has led to increased research in the area. There are also possibilities to use it together with Orthodox areas in medicine. The previous differentiation between the modern and local inventions have been integrated to come up with the best mode of administering acupuncture.

The process of acupuncture begins with the stimulation of different parts of the body. These elements are known as the acupuncture, and they include lung meridians, spleen meridians, urinary bladder meridians and the heart meridians (Vickers, 144). The stimulation is done through the insertion of a sharp object like sterile needles into the skin. The effects of the injection can be enhanced by applying pressure, electrical stimulation or using heat. Some of the other commonly used methods of acupuncture stimulation include the manual massage, the application of local herbs and the heat therapy.

Before acupuncture cure is carried out, an expert in the field will have to ask the patient about their health history. This is followed by conducting physical examinations depending on the needs of the patient. After the examination, the acupuncturist will determine the best treatment plan depending on the health requirements of the patient. The patient will then lay down gently on a table or and the acupuncture areas will be stimulated effectively. The insertion of the needles is not usually painful if placed gently. After the insertion, the patient will be required to stay for thirty minutes after which they will report to the physicians how they feel after the process has been completed.

One of the most common advantages of using acupuncture is the treatment of the chronic pain. According to the recent studies, the use of acupuncture is more efficient in reducing pain than the utilization of the painkillers (Wong, 243).

Firstly, acupuncture is used to reduce the headaches and migraines. It helps in reduction of pains especially of patients with constant and non-chronic tension headaches. If the needles are randomly placed on the body of a patient, there will be a reduction of the headache symptoms.

Secondly, it is used to treat insomnia. Studies show that the use of acupuncture reduces the insomnia symptoms as compared to those who do not seek medical advice. The process is also effective as patients suffering from these cases do not experience side effects.

Acupuncture also improves the chemotherapy and cancer recovery. According to a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, acupuncture was found to be critical in boosting the immunity of patients as well as reduction of infection of the healthy cells especially after chemotherapy had been made.

Also, acupuncture is used in hospitals for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum healthcare. Many health experts recommend the use of acupuncture as a way of reducing the stress levels of pregnant women. It is used to reduce stress, balance the homes and lessen the anxiety of women especially when they are going in labor. From these

Despite the increased cases whereby most doctors and medical experts appreciate the use of acupuncture, for example, pain reduction and treatment of nausea, there are certain disadvantages and misconceptions about the use of acupuncture.

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