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This Module Handbook
This module handbook contains information and advice in reference to the dissertation which you're required to undertake as a core a part of your course (Module ACSS614). The dissertation may be a double module worth 30 credits and intrinsically it represents 1 / 4 of the extent 6 credits you would like to finish your course.
The handbook will provide you with essential information about what you would like to try to to to satisfy the assessment requirements for the module, and it also provides guidance on the way to approach the dissertation. It attempts to supply a route map through the completion of a dissertation, and establish the layout, structure and framework of the dissertation. However, you ought to not believe the module handbook because the sole source of data for the dissertation. you'll got to acquire one or more of the recommended text books to get more detailed guidance.

Module Aims
The validated module description for this module states that the aim of the dissertation module is “To allow students to undertake a considerable independent scientific research within the world of construction studies on a topic of their choice. The module will allow students to demonstrate the key skills of detailed independent research working with primary and secondary sources and to realize standards of coherence, consistency and presentation demanded in professional report writing.”

Learning Outcomes
The validated module description for this module states that at the top of the module the scholar , with minimal guidance and a big degree of autonomy, should be able to:
Select a topic area suitable for exhaustive and in-depth analytical study.
Formulate research goals within the sort of an aim, objectives and key questions.
Develop a search design and methodology appropriate to the research goals.
Manage the method of independent research.
Synthesise information from a spread of sources and analyse the results.
Draw conclusions which are supported by evidence from the research, and are linked to the research goals.
Report the findings of the research effectively in good written English.

Overview of the module
The dissertation is probably going to be the foremost challenging piece of labor which students undertake in their course, yet if it's approached within the right way it also can be the foremost rewarding. It provides a chance for college kids to undertake a theoretically informed and rigorously researched investigation of a subject within their discipline . It represents a big piece of self-directed research during which students are expected to demonstrate their ability to perceive, analyse and comprehend a relevant issue so as to succeed in informed and well supported conclusions to the arguments advanced.

In most other modules on your course the assessed work relates on to the content of the module and therefore the coursework brief is provided to students. The dissertation is different – it's a serious piece of self-directed research. Responsibility for undertaking the work for the dissertation lies with the scholar . Indeed a serious aspect of the training which takes place involves the event by students of skills in self-management, independent learning and research. The module will equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to start this process, including the training skills and research methodologies appropriate to undertake research.

Part 2: Assessment Requirements
Outline Proposal

The first formal requirement of the module is for college kids to submit an overview proposal. the aim of the outline proposal is just to spot the broad topic area during which you're meaning to perform research. The areas which should be covered by the outline proposal are as follows:

What is the difficulty or problem which can provide the idea for your dissertation?
Why have you ever chosen the topic?
How does the subject relate to your course?
What does one think are going to be gained by undertaking the research, in terms of the advantages gained or the contribution your findings might make?
How does one anticipate the research are going to be carried out?
What will your main data sources be?
What are the likely difficulties or challenges?
Do you have any preferences for supervisor?

Interim Submission

The interim submission represents the foremost important ‘staging post’ within the dissertation process. it'll provide a chance for you to receive detailed feedback on your progress and further guidance on what you would like to try to to to finish the dissertation.





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