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Case Study Assignment (20% of the total assessment)  

This assignment consists of 2 (2) separate elements consisting of a bunch part with 2 parts (Parts one and 2) and a private part (Part 3) supported Pythree Pty Ltd (Pythree).

Groups of 5 (5) are to be fashioned inside your tutorials for the cluster part of this assignment task. {only one|just one|only one} submission per cluster for components 1 and a couple of is to be created electronically on iLearn by the due date and time i.e. you must nominate one member to submit each component.

The cluster part consists of a study to be submitted in 2 components (Parts one and 2). The the objective of the cluster report is to develop your communications skills and capability for cooperative learning and to check your ability to integrate skills learned during this unit of study, i.e. to analyze a company’s operations and knowledge from the auditor’s perspective, with stress on applying knowledge analytic techniques.

Successful completion of this case study needs the completion of Qlik Continuous room learning modules per the Unit Weekly Guide, also as further modules and/or self‐directed learning of information analytic techniques as necessary. you're expected to demonstrate the ability to synthesize relevant monetary and non‐financial data and also the knowledge provided and use this information in designing (and performing) the audit of Pythree.

The individual part (Part 3) is a private dashboard/app task that builds on the work completed in components one and a couple of. whereas half three is to be completed separately, students in teams that work collaboratively and effectively in components one and a couple of can profit in getting ready their responses to half 3. every student should build a private submission of half three electronically on iLearn by the due date and time.

The objectives of this part are to consolidate your skills in utilizing knowledge analytic techniques and to develop your analytical skills in critically evaluating and developing responses to potential significant audit risks in relevance to a consumer organization.

Pythree Pty Ltd

You are an associate audit graduate assigned to the audit of Pythree Pty Ltd (Pythree) for the yr ending June 2019. Pythree is associated Australian electronic elements and original instrumentation manufacturer.

You have the subsequent data concerning the company’s operations for the year:
so as to harness the company’s engineering and producing experience and spare capacity, Pythree’s management declared in July 2018 that they'd begin giving from October 2018 comprehensive services to technological start‐up corporations starting from concept style to example creation and producing. The response to those new services has been overpoweringly positive, and Pythree has struggled to stay up with demand. variety of with success crowdfunded campaigns through KickStarter and Indiegogo has awarded Pythree instrumentation producing contracts. variety of different contracts are presently within the method of negotiations.

Pythree management has indicated their intention to get a loan within the new financial year to expand their operations to fulfill the increasing demand.

You are within the method of auditing Pythree’s purchases and trade liabilities and have obtained the following information:

Materials are purchased from each native suppliers and overseas suppliers, notably in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Betting on the kind of materials purchased, it's typically delivered to a variety of locations. Pythree has producing plants in authority and VIC and a number of other warehouses in each state.

Trade liabilities are all processed through the central accounts department in Sydney.

The accounts supervisor, WHO has been with the corporate for 10 years, went on maternity leave in December 2018. This position was crammed by a brand new rent on a brief go for February 2019.

whereas the corporate has some documentation on policy and procedures for getting and payments, these are usually terribly basic and every now and then noncurrent. there's a bent for workers to learn procedures through their day‐to‐day work activities and by informal handovers when there's workers movement.

Based on your preliminary discussions with Pythree workers, you've got gathered the subsequent information on the company’s purchases and payments processes:

a) When specific inventory is needed or reorder quantities are reached, the warehouse workers prepare a ‘Materials Requisition’ kind outlining the kind and amount of raw materials or parts needed and send it to a getting officer. The getting officer then problems a
purchase order and sends this to the relevant provider and copies to the accounts department. If the acquisition order exceeds $5,000, it needs approval by the getting manager

b) When the products are received, the warehouse counts the incoming stock and records the total amount received on the system, making a merchandise received record. If there's a discrepancy between the amount ordered and also the amount received, it's a getting officer’s responsibility to follow up with the provider and inform the accounts department of the outcome.

c) Pythree’s trade liabilities system permits for suppliers to be created for commerce terms (credit and discount), receiver details, account book account committal to writing. it's the accounts supervisor’s responsibility to feature and modify provider account details.

d) Payments are divided between inventory and non‐inventory creditors. once the liabilities clerk receives the associate invoice, she determines whether or not it relates to a list person or not and enters invoices into the trade liabilities system, together with their due dates.

e) The liabilities clerk commonly will a payment run weekly. The trade liabilities system picks up all the suppliers’ invoices that are at or past their due dates totals the invoices from every creditor associated creates an electronic payment file for the full quantity.

f) The liabilities clerk is answerable for matching details on every invoice to the relevant smart received a note and get the order before together with the invoice within the payment run. Any applicable discount is additionally mechanically applied at this stage if the provider has been created appropriately within the trade liabilities system.
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