ACCG 308 Business Plan Report

ACCG 308 Business Plan Report

ACCG 308 Business Plan Report

ACCG 308 Business Plan Report

ACCG 308 Assignment 1 – Business Plan Report

The purpose of this assignment is to create a short but comprehensive three-­‐year business plan for a new for-­‐profit business venture. You will then benchmark your plan against plans by your peers in Assessment Task 2.

The plan should be a maximum of 9 pages, including financial information as per below, but excluding references.


Each plan must contain the following elements:

1/ A one-­‐page summary of your business plan [max 1 page]

2/ The business opportunity [max 2 pages]

3/ The sales and marketing strategy [max 2 pages]

4/ The operational strategy [max 2 pages]

5/ The financial plans [max 2 pages]

6/ References [Not included in page limit]

The plan should also be presented in a logical and appealing manner.

Apart from the one-­‐page summary (which can be in whatever format you wish), you should use 12 point Arial font and line spacing should be minimum of 1.15. Standard margins should be used (top and bottom 2.54cm; left and right 3.17cm).

The assignment will be marked by tutors. Assignments should be submitted online via iLearn.


No coversheet = 10% mark deduction

The coversheet is available here: http://www.businessandeconomics.mq.edu.au/current_students/undergraduate/a


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your  business   plan  will  be  available to  your  student  peers, as well as staff of Macquarie University. If you have a business idea that you wish to keep confidential DO NOT submit this idea as part of this unit. Macquarie University accepts no liability for cases where a business plan submitted by one student is subsequently executed by another student.

Assignment 1: Business Plan Report FAQs

1/ Do I have to reference my sources?

Yes -­‐ if you are referring to external information -­‐ industry reports, statistics etc. then they should be properly referenced.

2/ Do I have to follow a particular referencing format?

No, as long as it is consistent. However we recommend using APA 6. For more information about this style and help with referencing refer to this library blog post:

http://teche.ltc.mq.edu.au/style-­‐alert-­‐apa-­‐style-­‐central-­‐toolbox-­‐research-­‐ publishing/

3/ Does my reference list count in the 9-­‐page limit?

No. It should be included as an appendix.

4/ My amazing financial report / awesome marketing plan / brilliant idea can't possibly fit into the page limit.

We realise that you will have lots more detail behind what you are submitting. But you have to make it concise, punchy and to the point.

5/ I've got to the end of the process and I realise that my idea isn't going to make that much money (in fact I now think it sucks). What should I do?

We are not judging the quality of your idea, but rather how well you can put together a business plan. So don't worry and submit your plan anyway. Include a comment in the plan that makes it clear that this is not a profitable opportunity, but point to areas that might warrant further exploration (and don't quit your day job just yet).

6/ How realistic should my plan be?

It should be as realistic as possible. If you really think you can get equity finance of a few billion then sure, present your plan for beating Apple at making phones.

Otherwise  present  something that  you  might  just  be able to pull off (with a bit of luck).

7/ What does it mean to include 'assumptions' in the financial plan?

The requirements of the rubric state that the financial information must be "consistent" with the other elements of the business plan. Therefore good plans will explicitly show a link between the financial information and the other sections of the plan -­‐ e.g. the marketing section will detail the type and level of marketing to be conducted and this calculation will be shown as a footnote to the financial plan.

8/ Should I submit a cover page and table of contents? Are they included in the 9 page limit?

Yes you should submit a cover page. A table of contents is optional. Neither will be included in the 9 page limit. See the detailed submission instructions page here on iLearn for further details on what to include in the cover page.

9/ I failed the unit previously because of that %#$ stuff on consolidation, but I wrote an awesome business plan. Can I just resubmit it again this semester?

NO. This is clearly against the University plagiarism policy. However you CAN submit a business plan using the same idea, provided you develop the plan and do not use the same words / numbers as your previous plan.

10/ I’m disappointed with my mark. I think my tutor has misunderstood my brilliance and also I’ve heard that they mark harder than anyone else who has ever lived. What should I do?

If you are unhappy with your mark you should set up a meeting with your tutor to go through your assignment. Also be aware that we look at the distribution of marks between tutors to make sure marking is consistent between tutors. If you remain unhappy you have the right to contact the Unit Convenor to discuss further, but be aware that changing marks is very rare.

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