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ACCG 308 Assignment Business Plan

ACCG 308 Assignment Business Plan

ACCG 308 Assignment – Business Plan 

(individual task – 25%) 

This task is due 5pm, 12 September 2018 (Week 7 Wednesday) 

The purpose of this assignment is to create a short but comprehensive three-year business plan for a new for-profit business venture. 

The plan should be a maximum of 9 pages, including financial information as per below, butexcluding references. ANY MATERIAL BEYOND THE PAGE LIMIT WILL NOT BE MARKED.


Each plan must contain the following elements: 

1/ A summary of your business plan

2/ The business opportunity

3/ The sales and marketing strategy

4/ The operational strategy

5/ The financial plans

6/ References [Not included in page limit] 

The plan should also be presented in a logical and appealing manner. 

You should use 12 point Arial font and line spacing must be 1.15. Standard margins should be used (top and bottom 2.54cm; left and right 2.54cm). 

The assignment will be marked by tutors. 

Assignments should be submitted online via iLearn.


No coversheet = 10% mark deduction 

The coversheet is available here: 

DO NOT USE THE PDF VERSION OF THE COVERSHEET. It cannot be read by turn-it-in which means we need to contact you directly to resubmit your assignment.




There are severe penalties for plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

Your business plan should be presented with the following headings: 

1.0 Business Plan Summary [15%] 

15% - 1/2 - page summary that gives an overview of all key elements of the business plan and makes the reader want to learn more about the business proposal. 

2.0 Business Opportunity [15%] 

2.1 Customer need and target market


5% - Business opportunity is clearly articulated with reference to plausible customer need and target market characteristics 

2.2 Relevant megatrends 

5% - Business opportunity is well justified with reference to ‘megatrends’ and external data (e.g. ABS reports; industry reports) 

2.3 Opportunity testing plan 

5% - Business opportunity includes one plausible and low-cost way that market demand assumptions can be tested. 

3.0 Sales and Marketing strategy [15%] 

3.1 Fundamentals


5% - Sales and marketing strategy clearly articulates an appropriate key product success factor, price, place and promotion strategy and sales force. 

3.2 Social media and free publicity


5% - Sales and marketing strategy well explains plausible strategies for social media marketing and one idea for obtaining free publicity. 

3.3 Measurement and information


5% - Sales and marketing strategy includes appropriate measures of success and a plausible process for obtaining ongoing market information. 

4.0 Operational strategy [15%] 

4.1 Operational structure


5% - Operational strategy provides an appropriate organisational structure, key positions and supplier needs. 

4.2 Outsourcing


5% - Operational strategy provides plausible details as to how positions will be filled with reference to suitability (or otherwise) of outsourcing sites.

4.3 Operational risks


5% - Operational strategy identifies plausible key operational risks and plan to manage these risks, as well as information as to how employees / contractors will be motivated to provide the best performance. 

5.0 Financial plans [15%] 

5.1 P&L and Balance Sheet


5% - Financial plans provide a three year P&L summary (1/2 page) and Balance sheet summary (1/2 page) that are consistent with the previous sections of the business plan. 

5.2 Key assumptions, capital requirements and funding plan


5% - Key assumptions which underpin the financial statements are clearly articulated and justified. Financial plans identify plausible initial capital requirements and capital funding plan. 

5.3 Valuation and justification


5% - Financial plans include a plausible business valuation at the end of year 3 and briefly justifies the valuation method adopted. 

6.0 References [5%]

5% - References cited appropriately use the correct APA format 

Additional marking elements [20%] 

10% - Readability – clarity of text and expression, extent to which work is free from typographical and grammatical errors 

10% - Visual impact – appropriate use of pictures and diagrams 


No cover sheet OR use of PDF version of coversheet: - 10% 

Late work: As per Unit Guide 

Plagiarism or self-plagiarism (submitting work you have submitted before, either to this unit or to other units or institutions): Significant penalties, depending on the extent of plagiarism. 

Total: 100%


Overall criteria 

The following overall criteria will be used to assess each element: Business Plan FAQs 

1/ Do I have to reference my sources? 

Yes - when you are referring to external information - industry reports, statistics etc. they must be properly referenced. Please see the marking criteria for the extent of referencing expected; use of external sources is vital to this report.

2/ Do I have to follow a particular referencing format?

Yes, APA 6. For more information about this style and help with referencing refer to this library blog post: http://teche.ltc.mq.edu.au/style-alert-apa-style-central-toolbox-research-publishing/

3/ Does my reference list count in the 9-page limit? 

No. It should be included as an appendix. 

4/ My amazing financial report / awesome marketing plan / brilliant idea can't possibly fit into the page limit. 

We realise that you will have lots more detail behind what you are submitting. But you have to make it concise, punchy and to the point. 




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