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ACCG 308 Assignment 2 – Benchmarking Report

ACCG 308 Assignment 2 – Benchmarking Report

 ACCG 308 Assignment 2 – Benchmarking Report

This task is due 5pm, 2 May 2018 (Week 8 Wednesday).

The objective of this assignment is to benchmark your group’s business plans against each other’s.

The number of business plans you benchmark will depend on the number of people in your group, which will be 3-­‐4. Groups will be created in tutorials by the tutors.


The report should be a maximum of 7.5 pages as indicated below. ANY MATERIAL BEYOND THE PAGE LIMIT WILL NOT BE MARKED.


You are required to provide a detailed report comparing and evaluating each of the following components for each of the plans: 1/ The one-­‐page summary [max 1.5 pages]

2/ The business opportunity [max 1.5 pages]


3/ The sales and marketing strategy [max 1.5 pages] 4/ The operational strategy [max 1.5 pages] 5/ The financial plans [max 1.5 pages]


6/ References [not included in page limit]


Note that you are evaluating the quality of the business plan NOT the business idea. To compare the quality of the plans, you should start with the elements of rubric from assignment 1, but also extend this analysis to include material from additional sources (as is indicated in the rubric below).


The suggested structure for each section is:


       0.5 page – elements of a good section [summary / opportunity / sales and marketing etc.]


       1 page – comparison of plans and improvement recommendations


You should use 12 point Arial font and line spacing should be minimum of 1.15.

Standard margins should be used (top and bottom 2.54cm; left and right 3.17cm).


Assignments should be submitted online via iLearn.




The coversheet is available here:



Assignment 2: Benchmarking Report FAQs


1/ Are the referencing expectations the same as for Assignment 1?


Yes -­‐ if you are referring to external information -­‐ industry reports, statistics etc.


then they should be properly referenced. APA 6 style is recommended.

2/ How should I get the plans to benchmark?

You should exchange them via your student email account with the other members of the group. Note that you will include your own plan in the assignment.

3/ Who should submit the assignment?

You should nominate a group leader who will make the submission on behalf of the group. The group leader is responsible for distributing the Turnitin report to all group members. If you have not received the report from your group leader within 3 days of assignment submission it is your responsibility to follow this up. If the Turnitin report reveals any significant similarities that you were not aware of you should contact the Unit Convener immediately.

4/ How should I communicate with my group?

Any formal communication should be via your student email account. This is because if there is a problem there is an official record of your communication.

5/ My friend and I are doing all the work but we have this other student in our group that is doing nothing. What should we do?

It is your responsibility to manage your group. You need to agree roles and responsibilities upfront and if someone is doing nothing at all they can be removed from the group. If ultimately the group believes that the marks should not be shared equally by the members of the group you should attach a statement to that effect to your assignment signed by the group members.

6/ If I do a comparison diagram is it included in the page limit?


7/ Should I include an executive summary?


8/ Should I be worried if my plan isn’t as good as the others in my group?

No – it doesn’t matter for this assignment. The whole idea is to see the way that others did it so you can improve.



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