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ACC708 Taxation Law

ACC708 Taxation Law

 ACC708 Taxation Law


FBT Revision Questions

Question 1:

Aussie (P) Ltd. provided a facility of GYM to its employee Julie for free and cost of that Gym package is $ 1950 to the company. As Julie is receiving this benefit for free and no amount is paid by her asa contribution, it will be assumed as the Fringe benefits Tax (PBT) and will be taxable in the hands of the company (FBT Act, 1936). It is also considered that Aussie is entitled to get the input tax credit of GST so it will be grossed through the higher rate.


Amounts $

Value of benefit


Gross up


Taxable value


Tax rate


Tax obligation



In this case, $ 1950 is a net value which requires gross-up with higher rates (2.0647 in 2013) and tax on such gross value will be paid by the company.

Question 2:

This case is related with an expense payment fringe benefit which refers that if an employer reimburses the expenditure of employee that was spent to his personal use, will be assumed as FBT and taxable in the hands of the employer. According to this regulation of the FBT Act 1936, the taxable value of a fringe benefit will be the amount which is reimbursed by the employer to its employee. In the presentcase,the taxable value will be 4200. Grossed up taxable value will be as below:


Amounts $

Value of benefit


Gross up factor


Gross Taxable value


Tax rate


Tax obligation



Asthe company is eligible to take the deduction of GST, gross-up will be made with higher value to balance the tax payment. In the current case, the taxable value of benefit will be the actualamount which is paid by the employer to Julie.

Question 3:

Reimbursement of personal expenses like a phone bill, servant salaries etc. areassumed as FBT under fringe benefit act is paid by the employer to its employee. The existence of the employer-employeerelationship is necessary to identify the FBT. Gross-up of benefit is subjected to the GST provisions and anemployer, who is not entitled to get the GST credit, will gross up the benefit with a lower rate of gross-up.


Amounts $

Value of benefit


Gross-up factor in 2014


Gross Taxable value



The current case is related with personal expense reimbursement in which taxable value of benefit will be equal to the amount which is paid by the employer to an employee in reimbursement. As Aussie (P) Ltd is permitted to take the input credit, the gross-up will is made with a highergross-up factor which is 2.0647 for the year 2014.

Question 4


Amounts $

Value of benefit


Gross up factor


Gross Taxable value


Tax rate in %


FB Tax Payable at the end of 2016



In this case, the amount of $ 1200 is Reimburse to the Julie by her employer Aussie (P) Ltd for the payment of electricity expenses. The company is also eligible to take the credit of GST so gross-up of taxable value is made through the higher Gross-Up factor. The applicable rate of FBT was 49% in 2016 and according to it, FBT payable will be $ 1262.



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