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ACC201 – Financial Accounting

ACC201 – Financial Accounting

ACC201 – Financial Accounting


Assignment title

Research assignment – Part 2

Assignment type

Group assignment (No more than 5 members in a group)

Prescribed word limit

Part 1: 600words + Part 2: 1400 words = 2000 words


(10% variation is acceptable)

Referencing style

Harvard Referencing System Style Guide

Assignment weight

25% (The assessment will be marked out of 100 marks)

Assignment due date

Part 1: Week 4, Monday 16 April at 8 am (30 Marks)


Part 2: Week 9, Monday 21 May at 8 am (70 marks)

Submission mode

PIA assignment cover page must be attached and signed


before its submitted by due day through MyPIA.


Instruction for the students:

As a financial analyst you need to advise your clients to invest for the long term, buy good shares and hang onto them. Therefore, you are interested in a company’s long-term earning power.

Before you start Part 2 of the assignment you need to select an ASX listed company for financial analysis.

Choose your company:

  • Visit http://www.asx.com.au/

  • Choose a company that provided fair presentation of relevant information in their annual report with accounting estimates.


  • Name of the company.

  • Web link to download the full 2016 Annual Report of the company.

  • Current share price of the company.

Then you need to complete the following tasks using the information of your selected company. (You need to email this information to your lecturer/tutor to get an approval).


Task 1: Analysis of expenses (Hint: *Annual report of the selected company & chapter 16)

Review the published financial reports from 2016 Annual Report of the company you selected and report on the information applicable to the statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income.



  1. Determine whether the expenses are classified by nature or function.

  2. Give some possible reasons for the different methods of classification of expenses used.

Task 2: Accounting policy (Hint: *Annual report of the selected company and chapter 18)


AASB 108/IAS 8 provides information about Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors.


Required: Find any three issues from the above that are disclosed in the annual report and summarise your findings.

Task 3: Notes to the 2016 Financial Statements (Hint: *Annual report of the selected company)

Usually most of the companies would have depreciation and/or amortisation/impairment in their chart of accounts.


Summarise your finding about depreciation from the annual report of the selected company. Your discussion may include but not limited to the following:


a.       Cost of plant, properties and equipment

b.      Depreciable Amount

c.       Depreciation Period

d.      Depreciation Method

e.      Revaluation

f.        Impairment

Task 4:

Week 10 during the seminar – Peer review (Every member of the group must attend to be eligible for full marks)


Marking Rubrics:













Marking scheme






*Task 1






*Task 2






*Task 3






Task 4










*  All references from the Annual Report must include the page number from where the information is referred from.



  • Must include the scanned cover page with signature of every member of the group. Without the cover page the assignment will not be marked, and the group will be awarded zero.

  • Please read the “Submission of Assessment Items” on page 14 in unit outline of ACC201.

  • Please read the “Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism” on page 17 in unit outline of ACC201.



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