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Aboriginal Males Shedding the Smokes

Aboriginal Males Shedding the Smokes

 Aboriginal Males Shedding the Smokes


The concept of health has been changed over the time from the period, while Florence Nightingale has defined ‘Health’ as absence of disease and illness. In this period, World Health Organisation has depicted health as an indicator of complete physical, mental as well as social well being. In this case, social determinant of health has major impact over the people well fare. Following essay will emphasise the major three aspect of social health determinant based on health initiatives regarding ‘Aboriginal Males Shedding the Smokes’. The project will establish a socially attractive gathering space, a Male Health Shed. This shed will be dedicated to the Aboriginal social, art as well as cultural activities. The main objective of this program is to promote smoking session and preventive health. The primary plan of this initiative program is to provide Aboriginal males with brief intervention, multi-faceted holistic tobacco cessation program, and health education. This program will also provide access to smoking cessation pharmacotherapy (health.gov.au, 2012). In this program, the target group is Aboriginal males aged 15 years and older. The current essay will emphasise social determinant factors and its influence on the idea and expected outcome of chosen health promotion initiatives.

Description of broad social determinant of health within the community

In the current environment, nursing practices are focused on public health, which is prioritising on preventive care as well as health promotion. It is evident that risk of illness is evident in the poorer countries than the richest countries. Between the countries, these differences are occurred based on the factor of social injustice. In this case, the major social determinant factors have impact within the community towards the angle of social and physiological environment. Issues of unemployment, job insecurity, income and proper education are significant health determinant factor. As commented by Badland et al., (2014), dangers of social exclusion are significant part of these social determinants. Poor social and the economic circumstances can create impact on the entire life. Social determinant factors are often reflecting the anxiety, material disadvantage, and lack of social integration and well as insecurity. On the other hand, broader determinants of these determinants are associated with the disabilities as well as diseases. Broader determinants can be biological, economic as well as environmental. As commented by Boyer et al., (2017) cultural factors, family, socially based literacy and income is related with this broader spectrum of social determinant. These factors are influencing the risk to health, investment and the policies. Therefore, through understanding these determinants, the government can reduce the risk on public health issue. They can improve the health policies through shaping the life style of the community with safe angle. In the current health promotional initiative program ‘Aboriginal Males Shedding the Smokes’, the government has prioritised the health education and smoking cessation through understanding specific social determinant factors. The project has covered selective determinants from the broader spectrum of social determinant of health.

Social determinants of health in the chosen health initiatives

The selected project has prioritised the Aboriginal’s health, where the comprehensive tobacco prevention and control effect includes the implementation of media campaigns, smoke free laws. The government has also ensured that evidence based cessation treatment for reducing the smoking use in the Aboriginal community. As commented by Castañeda et al., (2015) if these initiative steps are not implemented in equitable manner certain population group can cause disparities in the use of tobacco. The government has adopted impact of most vulnerable segment of population, where the smoking rate is high. In this case, education and income are the primary social determinants of health. However, the current Initiative has addressed these social determinants for achieving the equity. It has been also adopted to eliminate the disparities in the smoking prevention as well as control. As commented by Durkalec et al., (2015), Smoking has greatly increased the risk of various diseases that includes respiratory diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease. As per the current report Tobacco is the greatest disease burden in Australia. In this case, population in the lower socio economic areas are experiencing greater disease burden than the higher socio economic areas. As per the report of 2008, 47% of Aboriginal people aged 15 years are smokers(vichealth.vic.gov.au, 2014). In this case, the government has evaluated the social determinants of heath based on the cultural diverse people and the socio-economic status. Major three determinants are social disadvantage and smoking, Daily living conditions and socioeconomic, political and cultural factors. These factors are influencing the inequities in smoking.

Social disadvantage and Tobacco use is closely related. It is evident that the long term smokers will die due to smoking. In this case, experiencing social disadvantages increase the risk of being a regular smoker. Badland et al., (2014) commented that smoking related disease impacts on the quality of life. The impact of the poverty is exacerbated by the impact of Tobacco. It covers the essential component of life such as food, clothing as well as accommodation. As per the current report, Food insecurity concern is more common and can be severe for the children, who are living in the smoking households than the non smoking one. It is also a significant determinant as high prevalence among the peers, families and disadvantaged communities such as aboriginal. Therefore, government has taken standard initiative based on this primary determinant factor.

The first layer on the influence for the social health determinant is the political, socioeconomic as well as cultural context. It encompasses the policy, governance and the societal norms. In context of governance, values, policies and instructions are managed through civil society, state as well as private sector. It is evident that national economic priorities, market deregulation, trade arrangements, fiscal policies are inclusions with these social determinant factor. Australian government determines the specific framework for legislation, policies and intervention in regards to use of Tobacco. The government ideology has reduced the catastrophic harms, which are associated with the Tobacco use. Government system has influenced the extent, where society can able to participate in the decision making process. On the other hand, the social policies on smoking and alcohol use are not well understood earlier. In this case, the broader policies and the systems of governance has influenced the extent of various group, where society able to participate in decision making process.


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