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Level 5 HND Assignment Help

  • Price : £77.00 Rating:

Marketing is used by all organisations whether they are large or a small business to sell products or services to customers. Organisations such as Apple, McDonald’s, Nestle, Holiday Inn and Coca-Cola have multi million pound marketing budgets whereas small business operations will have much less to spend on marketing. Marketing is used to inform and influence people to purchase products or services. The marketing mix is designed to meet customer needs, achieve marketing objectives and to create a competitive advantage for the organisation....

IT802 Researching ICT Trends Assignment Help

  • Price : £90.00 Rating:

Critique a selection of recent peer-reviewed conference papers and journal articles (at least five of each) related to a specific IT research area (e.g. network security). Include an annotated bibliography that indicates for each paper and article the research paradigm, type of research, research question or hypothesis, and methodology....

Unit 04 Project Design Implementation and Evaluation

  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

1. Introduction This unit provides opportunities to develop skills in decision making, problem solving and communication integrated with the skills and knowledge developed in many of the other units within the programme to complete a realistic project. It requires the learner to select, plan, implement and evaluate a project and finally present the outcomes, in terms of the process and the product of the project. It also allows learners to develop the ability to work individually and/or with others, within a defined timescale and given constraints, to produce an acceptable and viab...

Obesity health issue in the United States

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Obesity can be defined as the condition in which one carries more body weight than recommended or expected. Obesity can be attained in a person at different ages, especially early on in life. This can be affected by different genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors. Childhood obesity, unfortunately, is a serious current health epidemic with terrible consequences for this nation’s health, especially its children (Cunningham, Kramer, & Narayan, 2014).) . Numerous causes are contributing to this epidemic including nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, and significant changes...

Networking Assignment

  • Price : £350.00 Rating:

ABC educations is a developing educational institution in Sri Lanka. The institute has to allocate budget for its infrastructural development, which is planned to be executed sooner. The institute’s main branch consists of 5 departments/divisions namely. Head office consists of the below divisions 1. Student affairs division (5 Member) 2. Human Resources division (5 Member) 3. Examinations division (5 member) 4. IT faculty (20 Members) 5. Administration department (15 Member) In addition to these lecture (10) halls and labs (100 PCs) are available in the premises. Additionally ...


  • Price : £300.00 Rating:

The company was incorporated on the New York stock exchange using the UA symbol which has been growing since then. Its main headquarters is in Baltimore Maryland which has currently employed over 1800 workers. The company has expanded its market to Asia-pacific, Latin America, Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa. (Kraft 2009). Its main area of the target is producing and distributing sportswear and other sports accessories. The main competitors of Under Armour are Nike and Adidas who supply similar goods all over the world....


  • Price : £120.00 Rating:

CREDIBLE SOURCES,Research has revealed the difficulties of the task which might be a critical factor for any academic writing, so generalization of the results should be limited for the beginners level for tertiary writing instead of general academic writing. A tertiary learner whose source is online and university student, it is crucial to utilize credible sources for academic writing and research It is important for assembling professional, accurate for the studies....

Audit and Account Assignment Help

  • Price : £78.00 Rating:

In accounting term, an audit engagement tends to be the arrangements that a finance manager has with their client to perform any specific audit of the accounting records as well as financial statements. It happens to be initial stage of an audit process where the party is notified by the auditors while working with regards to the scope and objective of the audit.. It intends to be a written agreement that consists of the business relationship of client as well as organization. This particular agreement includes detail information regarding the agreement, term, and costs....

Globalization Assignment Help

  • Price : £120.00 Rating:

Globalization in today’s world helps a business to expand its geographic but now the dimensions of risky has changed and shifted. Now the landscapes of each country, region changes in every 3-5 years so the window have been shortened. Globalization along with opportunities also brings the unforeseen risks. But in this global market if business is not taking aggressive steps and expand their business, the chances of becoming invisible are more than the future risks....

Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

  • Price : £81.00 Rating:

Research peer-reviewed literature (including textbooks and reference books) on the issue of marine oil pollution . Coherently summarise your research and information gained in relation to marine plastics pollution. Evaluate your information to identify the most important issue(s) relating to the case study and the most important feature(s) of the physical and biological nature of the ocean which affect this issue. Demonstrate your capacity to identify peer-reviewed and relevant sources of information by compiling an annotated bibliography in support of your summary document....

Individual Assignment HI6028 T2 2017

  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

Instructions: This assignment is to be submitted by the due date in soft-copy only (Safe assign – Blackboard). The assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Subject Outline and Student Handbook. It is the responsibility of the student submitting the work to ensure that the work is in fact his/her own work. Ensure that when incorporating the works of others into your submission that it is appropriately acknowledged....

Management Accounting

  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

You have just been appointed as the new management accountant to manage the transition of the existing Royal Adelaide Hospital to the proposed new site. The hospital has a number of separate departments responsible for direct patient care, such as Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care, Neurology, and Cardiology, as well as a number of support departments such as Radiology and Patient Records. You are a little uncertain as to what your role will be in this new hospital, as consultants have been engaged to design the new management accounting systems....

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