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CSI3207/CSI5212 Network Security Fundamentals

  • Price : £123.00 Rating:

This assignment consists of two parts. Part 1 relates to the improvement of the network security posture of an organisation and is worth 25 marks. This part will mainly test your knowledge that you will gain during the lectures and study materials that are available through Blackboard....


  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

This study will shed light on the objectives of the project. Scopes for the project will be evaluated in the study. In this study, a discussion will be done on the social networking and its impact on the business. Evaluation will be done on the overview of social network on business. This study will make a discussion on what effects social networking has on the businesses in Australia. In this study theories related to the social network in business will be presented on the basis of macro and micro theories....


  • Price : £350.00 Rating:

AEKC holds the capacity to implement and maintain a disaster management and recovery planning in terms of machinery and technology. On the other hand, it has enough workforces to monitor risk matrix and the engaged professional can better follow possible strategies. In organizational context, it can be said that casual workers as well as employees of AEKC are well aware of such risks and it is a positive assumption that respective plan can be well implemented (Mechler et al. 2014)....

CQC Assignment Help

  • Price : £320.00 Rating:

According to Frema (1983) explains that take holders are groups or people who are affected through achievement or success of organisation and can influence the aims of the organisation. The stakeholders experience the impact and effect of the organisation’s decisions that are made. There are internal and external stakeholders, Internal stakeholders include service users, organisations and staff. While external stakeholders include regulators, inspectors and various agencies like NICE and CQC....

Big Data challenges in IoT and Cloud

  • Price : £100.00 Rating:

This research has been conducted in order to resolve the issue which has been identified in this research i.e. challenges related to volume, velocity, variety, vagueness, veracity etc. These are the main challenges which are generally faced by IOT and in order to resolve these issues research has been done. So as to solvethe problems some methodologies are very much helpful in the big information challenges in IOT and Cloud and some of them are Hadoop,...

Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Price : £79.00 Rating:

Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises,Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSME is based on the micro, small and medium enterprises development act (MSEMD) act, 2006 that defines the size of micro, small and medium enterprises in India....

Organisational behaviour assignment help

  • Price : £70.00 Rating:

Change can affect all aspects of the operation and functioning of the organization such as policies, procedures, rules, and role through the individual group, organization, society, national or international level as a result of significantly improving the overall performance in the organization and competitive standing of others. Therefore, it is necessary for loader or manager in the organization to understand the important of change and take the right action I the change process through the organization....

Research Essay Assignment Help

  • Price : £80.00 Rating:

You should seek out, read and integrate appropriate scholarship into your argument. You can use the bibliography included here as a starting point for your reading, and should seek advice from the instructor if you are having trouble finding material relating to the question, texts, myths or themes that your essay is addressing. Some tips on you to use secondary sources appropriately can be found in the Essay Guide for this course. As a rough guide, you should aim to utilize at least six relevant secondary sources in the final essay, and may use more. In order to find and integrate....

ENGR2000: Fluid Mechanics

  • Price : £145.00 Rating:

Working as a group, you are required to address one of the topics in the list available on BlackBoard. You are free to form your own group (4 or 5 members) - the members do not have to be in the same BEng discipline area. For new students you may not know many other students and if this is the case it is suggested that you use the unit's BlackBoard discussion site to 'advertise' yourself and/or call for members to a group....

Corporate Accounting Assignment

  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

In this section, go to your firm’s annual reports and save to your computer your firm’s latest annual reports consecutively for last three years. For example, these may be dated 30 June 2016 or 31 March 2017. Do not use your firm’s interim financial statements or their concise financial statements. Please read the financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in owner’s equity, cash flow statement) very carefully. Also please read the relevant footnotes of your firm’s financial statements carefully and include information from these footnotes in ...

Competitive strategy assignment

  • Price : £350.00 Rating:

The study discusses the analysis of PESTLE and Diversification that is applicable for the two different chosen organizations in the Australian market. The study focuses on two different businesses that are belonging from two different industries that are having its base in Sydney. The industries that are chosen for the study is tourism under which, the chosen organization is Cosmos. The other industry is the media, under which the chosen business is Fairfax Media. The study will be discussing the various issues and the various supports that these two organizations can face while introd...

Do women deserve equal prize money

  • Price : £320.00 Rating:

As stated in the Bible, women are not created equal to the men. Women were made from the rib of Adam and thus men are better. As per the statement, Women are less good at sport and thus they can deserve less amount prize money for their victories. At the US open and the other tennis majors, now women earn same amount of prize like the men. However, this case was not visualised in the previous period. The Guardian has charted female champion’s prize money where the pay equality is not same. During the period of 1970 to 2010, the women prize money was relatively low than the men....

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