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A software utility used for administration purpose to test if a host exists on the network. Mike muss in December 1983 invented the ping utility; the tool was used to troubleshoot problems that occur in an IP network. Through the ping utility, round trip time is calculated for the messages sent from the origin to that of the destination host.Ping utility sends ICMP (Internet control message protocol) request packet to a specified node on a network which in return sends an ECHO_REPLY packet. This is the process which happens when you ping a machine. ·From the source, ICMP echo-request...

SIM336 Strategic Management Assignment Help L7

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Assess the internationalisation drivers and potential of different markets.Identify sources of competitive advantage in international strategy, through both exploitation of local factors and global sourcing.Understand the difference between global integration and local responsiveness and four main types of international strateg.Rank markets for entry or expansion, taking into account attractiveness, cultural and other forms of distance and competitor retaliation threats.Assess the relative merits of different market entry modes, including joint ventures, licensing and and franchisi....

HA1011 Applied Quantitative Methods Group Assignment

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HA1011 Applied Quantitative Methods Group Assignment,You are the manager of the supermarket on the ground floor below Holmes. You are wondering if there is a relation between the number of students attending class at Holmes each day, and the amount of chocolate bars sold. That is, do you sell more chocolate bars when there are a lot of Holmes students around, and less when Holmes is quiet? If there is a relationship, you might want to keep less chocolate bars in stock when Holmes is closed over the upcoming holiday. With the help of the campus manager, you have compiled the following l...

Advanced Financial Accounting

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Sun City Limited commences construction of a multi-purpose water park on 1 July 2014 for Pretoria Limited. Sun City Limited signs a fixed-price contract for total revenues of $50 million. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 and Pretoria Limited controls the asset throughout the period of construction. The expected cost as at the commencement of construction is $38 million. The estimated costs of a construction project might change throughout the project—in this example, they do change....

Risk management committees

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Risk management is one of the necessary elements of an organization, which ensures a safe environment for the employees who are working in it. It is necessary to have a risk assessment plan because, this plan will ensure that the potential threats are being mitigated and the company is having a proper development in the market where it is performing. There are many methodologies, which can be applied for mitigation of issues, but a proper evaluation is necessary before making any kind of approach. In this regard, it is important to have a plan for situational analysis and implementatio...

Environmental Problems Caused by Batteries from Tesla

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Tesla Motors has been widely recognized as one of the most well known and established companies associated with the production of automobiles as well as the storage of energy. The company was founded in America in the year of 2003, but it rapidly extended the area of its business across several continents. Although the company is noted for producing efficient car models, batteries, charging networks and many other technological innovations, it has faced and still continuously facing several issues related to the disruption of environmental balance....

Graphic Simulation Of A Machine Learning Classifier

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Machine Learning (ML) is proving to be a popular set of techniques, especially in cyber security. In ML, we usually wish to either predict some future value or classify some input. One simple algorithm for classification is k- Nearest- Neighbour (kNN). If we have a dataset of known classes (called the training set), this is known as supervised learning because we know the answer (the classes) in advance....


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Executive Summary In this report, the management of financial resources of Shoeperama Company has been done. Moreover the analysis of budget of the company has also been done. The forecasting or projection of the statement of income of the company for the year 2019 has been analysed in this report. The financial projections and the risk assessment procedures along with internal audit policies have been mentioned in this segment. Proper planning management and budget deviations has been identified in this report....

E-commerce business assignment help

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E-commerce is considered as the current business trend which is internet driven, in order to help the customers to access the service in an easy manner. With the internet driven changing world, business in this current era has transformed their strategies and trends based on the new and emerging internet age. Business in this current age has different rivals and competitors and thus maintenance of business trends ....

SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_D help

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The assessment must be written using an industry standard software package such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.Ensure your submission identifies the unit code and title, the assessment task number and the name of the assessment at the top of the page. Alternatively, you may place this information in the document header.To serve, heap hot, steamed rice onto two warm plates and place three skewers of chicken on top of each mound of rice. Pour a little of the satay sauce over each and garnish as desired.Make lardons by cutting the bacon into even-sized batons about 2cm long x ...

INF30029 Information Technology Project Management

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INF30029 Information Technology Project Management,In grading this work, we will be looking for a clearly expressed and coherent story that demonstrates deep learning in your chosen area of focus [e.g. project management; team member dynamics; client relationship; team composition and process]. We expect to see evidence of the choice and usage of an appropriate academic theory to deepen your insights in your chosen area as well as a high quality written, appropriately referenced and supported analysis....


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Woolworth’s group is one of the major Australian companies, which is considered for this study. This company is mainly related to the liquor products and also sales some of the retail products to the consumers. There are 3000 stores has been expanded all over the globe. There are 205000 team members are working across the globe in the company and serving 29 million customers in every week. Being stakeholders in the retail industry huge profit has been delivered from the end of the customers. Most of the retail products are brought by us from the company....

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