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SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_B help

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Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.You have a recipe for 12 portions of chicken risotto. The recipe lists 1 kg chicken breast fillets and 24 mushrooms in the required ingredients. How much of each ingredient do you need to prepare 36 portions.You want to use some leftover poultry cuts you’ve found stored in the freezer. Apart from quality, list two things to look for when deciding whether or not to use the poultry.Number the following poultry meat from most to least healthy based on their fat content and nutritional quality....

Wireless Network Assignments

  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

Assignments,Bernardos, C. J., Oliva, A. d. l., Serrano, P., Banchs, A., Contreras, L. M., Jin, H., & Zuniga, J. C. (2014). An architecture for software defined wireless networking. IEEE Wireless Communications, 21(3), 52-61. doi: 10.1109/MWC.2014.6845049 Rangisetti, A. K., &Tamma, B. R. (2017). Software Defined Wireless Networks: A Survey of Issues and Solutions. Wireless Personal Communications, 97(4), 6019-6053.doi: 10.1007/s11277-017-4825-8...


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The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to more deeply examine a specific aspect of forensic psychology and to gain additional insight into how psychology may be applied to the legal arena. Specifically, this assignment will demonstrate the continual challenge between the legal system and psychology in terms of identifying the usefulness of psychological knowledge. As such, you are to think about the question below and write an essay that describes how and when related psychological knowledge can best be used to answer this question. In order to do this effectively, you should: ...

Dynamic Leadership Plan

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As the name suggests, it has to be understood that leadership remains one of the most integral and crucial qualities that an individual must comprise of, in order to achieve his or her career objectives and goals. Leadership refers to certain skills and traits that an individual needs to build upon and develop. In this assignment, as the name suggests, an emphasis has been tried to develop and establish for a dynamic leadership plan. It has to be noted that organizations functioning today require only those individuals to serve them, those who portray and display certain leadership sk...


  • Price : £320.00 Rating:

One of those predominant aspect is the dominating impact of fatalism. The pre-dominating nature of fatalism has been represented by the actions and the thought processes of the characters throughout the novel. This essay tries to critically analyze the fact that fatalism plays a pivotal role in determining the actions of the characters in the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It has been observed that a number of characters have taken the factor of fatalism very seriously. This acceptance of fatalism has prevented them from involving into such activities that are morally suitable....


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CASH FLOW AND CAPITAL BUDGETING Aus Car Execs (ACE) is set up as a sole trader and is analysing whether to enter the discount used rental car market. This project would involve the purchase of 100 used, late-model, midsized automobiles at the price of $9,500 each. In order to reduce their insurance costs, ACE will have a LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System installed in each automobile at the cost of $1,000 per vehicle. ACE will also utilise one of their abandoned lots to store the vehicles. If ACE does not undertake this project, they could sublease this lot to an auto repair compan...

20016J Management Principles And Application

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20016J Management Principles And Application,This concept of ‘teamwork’ is very much related to construction settings and is an issue of international relevance. For example, in the UK, influential government reports on construction, such as those by Latham (1994) and Egan (1998), identify that many of the problems with regard to construction projects could be overcome by better teamworking and collaborative arrangements such as partnering and supply chain management. According to Constructing Excellence (2008), ‘construction is a collaborative activity – only by pooling the kn...

Business Model Development Assignment

  • Price : £67.00 Rating:

The objective of this individual assessment submission is to learn how to develop your own business idea, complemented by research and observational insights that detail why the need is compelling. Please submit a 1500-word business report of your idea, a detailed business model (BM) canvas, discussion of the interrelationships among the BM components that are essential to success, critical risks and assumptions, and overall feasibility. The business model canvas must be discussed in the report and included as an appendix....

SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_C help

  • Price : £90.00 Rating:

Provide a range of recipes and ingredients.You can ask your assessor for further clarification of any question, if necessary.Uses knives and equipment safely and hygienically when preparing and cooking food.Carves poultry using appropriate tools and techniques, taking account of meat and bone structure and waste minimisation.Visually evaluates the dish and adjusts presentation, if necessary.Cleans work area and disposes of or stores surplus and re-usable by- products.Observe you over a period of time while you learn and use various skills/tasks.Ensure that you can consistently perform...

Assignment 1 Air Pollution in Delhi India

  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

Assignment 1 Air Pollution in Delhi India,Delhi, the capital of India is one of the highly polluted city in the WHO’s survey of 1600 cities. It is estimated that 1.5 million people die every year due to respiratory problems. Currently, the level of PM 10 in Delhi is 137micrograms/m3which leads to breathing discomfort and people who are suffering from heart or breathing problems should not stay outside for long time. The great smog of India happened on November 2017, where the air pollution increased greatly,...

Ethics Essay

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Length and/or format: The word limit for this assignment is 2000 (plus or minus 10%). Words over this limit will not be considered for marking. You must include on your cover sheet what the actual word count is for your assignment. Please note your reference list is not included in the word count but in text citations are. Purpose: The purpose of the essay is to facilitate learning about the role of theories in practice, in particular ethical theories. The essay also focuses the students’ learning on the process of ethical decision making. Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...

Effect of Internet use on the children

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In the 21st century the world has explicitly adopted various technologies. Education has not limited itself in this era rather has highly been integrated with various concepts and aspects. The key aspect that education sector is appreciating that has greatly influenced the child learning and development process, is the global network. The accessing of internet by school children has not been limited rather encouraged and has gone to the levels of missing supervision from the respective persons as directed. Internet is surrounded by many benefits of developing class knowledge...

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