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Clearly some organisations can survive on fairly traditional hierarchical structures to deliver standardised ranges of products and service, but increasingly customer orientation, product differentiation and service support require new forms of organisation. This is requiring no more than ‘horses for courses’ but it does draw attention to the fact that there is no guarantee that today’s organisations will exist indefinitely in their present form, or indeed exist at all. Therefore, there is a case for organisational strategists to recognise drivers for change and for managers...

Unit 8 Innovation & Commercialisation

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Human Resource Management Assignment

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Human resource management is a vital aspect of business operations for a company, regardless of the market or industry that it might be a part of (Deery and Jago, 2015). It has a direct impact on the overall probability of success of the company as well as its sustainability in the market. It is crucial for firms to manage their workforce and keep them happy and satisfied adequately. In this report, various aspects of human resource management for Lundin Petroleum, a Swedish company have been presented....

Reflective Journal Assignment Help

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On my firsdt day of placement, it was really good. Because i got to speak to allot of kids and got to hear a lot of things from them. It was fun even though i was very nervous at first because i wasn't sure of what to do. It was fun! I feel very happy that i was able to experience working with children. I'm glad that i had a part in making a child's day better. What went well was that the children were very happy and encouraging. I was able to communicate and build friendship with the educators of the workplace and the kids too! What didn't go well would be perhaps my lack of confidenc...

CHCECE001 Develop cultural competence

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File naming Once you feel confident that you have covered the learning materials for this unit, you are ready to attempt this assessment. To help Open Colleges manage your assessment, please use the following file-naming convention: [student number]_[assessment]_[assessment number].doc for example 12345678_21850a_01.doc. Assessment submission When you are ready to submit your assessments, upload the files in OpenSpace using the Assessment Upload links in the relevant Moduleof your course. If you need further assistance, the Student Lounge provides a ‘Quick Guide to Uploading Ass...

construction information and project assignment

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Construction information is prepared as to give information of how construction should be made regarding size and design. This can show the details of design which will be made and also shows the appearance of the drawing, this drawing may also called as working drawing or production drawing. They can also show the details of the type of materials used, dimensions, etc. This drawings are also made for machines which are called as detailed drawing and assembly drawing....

impact financial services

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The regulatory picture is complex. Many financial and banking rules are set by global regulators while in some areas it could be argued that UK regulatory standards are higher than those set by the EU, suggesting any immediate impact may be limited. Conversely, a ‘Brexit’ could reduce overall banking stability as any crisis may be met with divergent responses from UK and EU regulators. It could also pose a thorny legislative challenge, with over 40 years of regulation not formally enshrined in UK law....


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A lot of emerging health problems can be seen in the recent years, and there is a need to resolve these problems and make the society safe and healthy. To muddle through these problems, the nurses need to be competent in their work and understand the requirement of the patients. According to the case study, Jim Cooper, who is a 68-year-old truck driver, was admitted to the ED due to the chronic diseases like “productivecough” and shortness of breath. After the diagnostic tests have been accomplished, Jim Cooper had to be admitted to the Respiratory Medical Unit due to the problem o...


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This report will provide clear information over the algorithm. This report will complete the description of algorithms using a various different approach. This report will describe all the characteristics of various paradigms such as Object-oriented, procedural language, Event-driven programming. This report will consist of a detailed comparison over all the three different programming languages. Programming algorithm is basically a type of recipe which explains the exact procedure required for the system to crack any hitch or to attain a particular goal. It’s just like when a parti...

International Business

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An essay requires you to use the following structure: Introduction: defines the key terms and indicates how the question will be addressed. Main body: written in well-defined paragraphs with specific arguments relating to the question and supported with evidence. There should be cohesion and coherence in the essay. There should be a clear development to the argument through the main body with recognition of differing perspectives. Conclusion: summarises the main points and findings, refers to the introduction showing how the question has been answered and suggests what needs to be fur...

Stock market assignment help

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On the other hand, average price return of Insurance Sector evidenced negative figure while the overall market exerts positive return. As a result, investors showing their disinterest regarding insurance sector, which resulted lower sectoral turnover and market capitalization. The good side of insurance sector is that the P/E ratio is lower than that of other sectors at DSE. In this ground, the investors can be encouraged to invest in the sector.Insurance is the process of spreading the risk of one to the others who brought the policy under the same considerations....

BLO3405 Financial Law Institutions Assignment

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Adrian is a chef from New Zealand and has recently moved to Melbourne. He is keen to open up a Café in St Kilda. He finds a great premise to lease on Beach road. He signs a lease with the property owner, Normann. Adrian can’t afford to buy the kitchen equipment outright so he gets a loan from JKN Bank for $100,000. A term of the loan agreement was to register the equipment on the Personal Property Security Act. Using the money borrowed, Adrian opens the café but it doesn’t do well. After a few weeks, he is unable to keep up the payments to Normann, JKN Bank and other suppl...

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