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BSBPMG522 Project Work Assignment Help

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Introduction of the chosen organisation Organization name is “Eko-Vent”. The company was founded in 2004 in North Sydney as a family business. It is engaged leader in ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Eko-Vent is a supplier and service provider to big companies and private customers. This company has many customers, at the beginning in New South Wales, but currently the situation has changed and most of the clientele stays in Victoria area. Office is moving from Sydney to Melbourne because of lower prices and more convenient connections. Most of the clients are ...

WHO Guidlines on women

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There were an estimated 17.8 million women aged 15 and older living with HIV in 2015, constituting 51% of all adults living with HIV (1). Adolescent girls and young women are particularly affected; in 2015 they constituted 60% of young people aged 15–24 years who were living with HIV, and they also accounted for 58% of newly acquired HIV infections among young persons in that age group (1). In many countries, women living with HIV do not have equitable access to good- quality health services and are also faced with multiple and intersecting forms of stigma and discrimination....


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Dyslexia is associated with the difficulty pertaining to learning to read fluently with accurate comprehension even though the individual possesses normal intelligence. Difficulty with phonological awareness and decoding, rapid naming, speed processing, auditory short term memory, language skills, orthographic coding, verbal comprehension are included in this. The three proposed cognitive subtypes of Dyslexia includes auditory, attentional and visual. According to research literature, Dyslexia is considered to be a receptive language based learning difficulty...

Thomas Cook Strategic Analysis

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This report seeks to analyse the company’s business and revenue segments, industry sector and provide a competitive analysis of the company. It will also delve into its travel offer segments and competitive analysis using key tools such as PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces, a SWOT Analysis, Boston Matrix and Strategy Clock. These tools, which are contained in the Appendix, will be referred to herein to provide an understanding of key points. The above will form the basis to determine varied understandings regarding the company and industry sector....

Reflection on leadership

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I recently attended a clinical placement on a paediatric oncology ward. I was buddied with a Registered Nurse and together we were looking after a 10-year-old child with a relapsed neuroblastoma. The patients mother had asked me if the patient could have pain relief as the patient was experiencing severe pain throughout her legs and pelvic area. I immediately asked my Registered Nurse if we could administer PRN analgesia as this patient described her pain as 8/10. The Registered Nurse responded to me by saying “I have other things to do, the patient can wait. She is not in that much ...

SITXFIN003 Assessment 5 Case Study

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SITXFIN003 Assessment 5 Case Study,During the assessment your assessor will ask you oral questions that will address the knowledge aspects of the unit of competency. You will respond orally, and your assessor may record your response or use your response to determine sufficient under pinning knowledge. Topics will include: - Identify and explain different types of financial records and budgets - Identify different factors for consideration in the preparation of financial and statistical reports (including the use, contents and formats) - Explain types of financial reports and their ...

Cyber Security Assignment Help

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Today the various cyber attacks on the different computer systems are disabling the normal functioning of the computers and this process is causing the loss of much sensitive information through different virus affected networks. The different cyber analysts, government agencies and private companies are moving towards distributed operating systems. The most important function of the cybersecurity analyst is to protect the internal networks from external harm. Due to the different technological advancements in the information and network security have made the process of monitoring....

SITHCCC020 Work Effective Assignment_B Help

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A post-service debriefing is used to analyse successes and issues from the service period. Read the topics listed in questions 32 to 35 and briefly discuss how a post-service debrief can help you and the team improve your performance in each area. Fruits or vegetables are only served as an accompaniment to another item to add texture and colour, or to help make a plate or bowl look full.Where can you find information about presentation standards for menu items in your workplace or training environment.How do production requirements vary if a workplace offers an à la carte menu or a se...

BUS301-Integrated Capstone Project

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Business capstone is a project on a specific subject matter that is required to be prepared and presented by the students pursuing business management courses. In order to keep pace with the level of education standards, students often struggle to represent their tasks at best quality so that they can excel in the university results. Therefore, students require business capstone project assignment writing services as these assignments are critical. The business capstone project is generally a presentation of research study that should be of best quality and related to the problems of r...

Accounting Theory

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Making managerial pay contingent on measures of managerial and/or firm performance motivates them to deliver good performance for shareholders. However, it also burdens them with greater risks than they may like. How do organisations balance these two considerations when choosing managerial pay and performance measures...


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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights in the United Kingdom (UK) has witnessed significant evolution over the years (Aulette and Wittner, 2012). Sisters marrying each other would be an incestuous act which is considered to be illegal across the world. Marriage in the UK has been recognised in religious and civil unions that takes place between a woman and a man. Since the year 2005, civil partnerships were made available to same gender couples in the United Kingdom. In the year 2013, the Marriage Bill was introduced by the UK Government to the Parliament...

Conceptual Design of Gold Coast Light Rail Project

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The final stage will terminate at Helensvale railway station.The final stage is scheduled to be completed in 2018.The objective of the project are that the new infrastructure will increase the use of public transport by the local people, and construction of new and modern infrastructures transform the city and will attract more development projects.This will also reduce car travel and traffic congestion in the city.The report is the continuation of the analysis of the conceptual design of a project.The content of the report includes Preliminary system design, detailed design and te...

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