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In the 21st century business communication environment; effective communication is the significant tool for organisational functionality and business success. Though there are different modes of business communication has been used, only two effective communication modes will be discussed in the present discussion such as verbal and non-verbal communication. Both these modes are effectively used for relaying information, directives and organisational functionality. Communication is one of the basic components of the organisational structure development. Internal and external communicat...

Cloud Computing Security Assignment

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Cloud computing has expanded the victory of recognition since its commencement in the IT industry and academic sectors. The business has been already shifted to the cloud as it fascinates the people, industry and community because of its marvelous benefits from its shared resources (Ali, Khan and Vasilakos, 2015). The flexible cost, fresh software and elastic capacity makes more feasible for its use with less environmental impacts. It also has helped to collaborate with the diverse people by sharing the information in real time interval through virtual meeting....

BE6056 Bioinformatics Assignment Help

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Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is recognized as the most effective treatment method for AIDS, and protease inhibitors play a very important role in HAART. The HIV-1 protease molecule has long been used as a drug target and a number of structures exist within the Protein Data Bank of HIV-1 protease bound to an inhibitor molecule....


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Jenny Wang is the Senior Auditor on the audit of Panania Cars Pty Ltd , a large car dealership,a which sells new and used cars .The Sales Manager advises Jenny Wang that there is a sale to long established customers of the car dealership and since she has audited the company for the past six years she can purchase the new cars at a twenty percent discount on the discounted sales price. b)Katrina Wearne is the auditor on the audit of Lancom Cosmetics .Katrina is auditing the company during November and December 2018 and has been given a Christmas gift of $350 cosmetics from the compan...

COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching

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This assessment task requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of routing concepts by completing a number of exercise questions. The questions are designed to help you to achieve the unit learning outcomes as listed in the unit profile. Instructions You must do this assignment on your own – it is not a group assignment. Thesequestions will require more time and effort than the first assignment so plan ahead and start as early as possible. Question #3 may require additional research and analysisto complete. Type all your answers in the ‘Template for Your Answers’ Section of t...

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Health and Social Care (Management)

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1. AUTHENTICITY AND AUTHENTICATION: Edexcel regulations state: “Students MUST authenticate the evidence that they provide for assessment.” Therefore, it is mandatory thata cover sheet (template can be found on ABI Learn) clearly stating name, surname and student number, together with the statement of authenticity is attached in the front of your assignment. If you do not submit this cover page with your assignment (including statement), your assignment will not be marked. Your signature is required on this cover sheet. 2. Assignments must be submitted to TURNITIN by the date s...

TECO101 Microeconomics Principles

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The schedule below shows the number of packs of bagels bought in Sydney, each day at a variety of prices. i) Graph the daily demand curve for packs of bagels in Sydney. ii) Calculate the price elasticity of demand at a point on the demand curve where the price of bagels is $2 per pack. iii) If bagel shops increased the price of bagels from $2 per pack to $3 per pack, what would happen to total revenues?...

Diversity Management

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Teaching Assignment Help

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As information about grown-up learning advances, suspicions and impediments of current hypotheses are tried, tested and supplanted by new understandings. However convictions about students with challenges in learning are bound to impact choices about how to educate, and what ways to deal with receive, than new information and bits of knowledge. In this writing audit the basic motivations behind arrangement for grown-ups with learning troubles are returned to, permitting more prominent lucidity in choosing which systems best suit their satisfaction....

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment

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You are the warehouse business manager for the Caboolture warehouse. Market research has indicated your warehouse has a great potential for growth this financial year. The target is to add 2 more convenience stores for its distribution chain to improve sales and achieve organisational objectives You will need to consult with the operations general manager to discuss:  resource requirements  options for implementing operational plan  performance indicators for team leaders to adhere to operational...


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The present research report consists of three different parts which are assessment one, two and three. The first assessment is based on Bounce Fitness which is a fitness club that offers personal training services to the people living in Cairns areas. The key elements covered in assessment one includes analysis of Bounce fitness staffing requirements, planning and consultation, a human resources strategic plan and the process of implementation....

COIT20249Assessment Details

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Assessments provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to achieve the required standard. To do this, assessment responses need to be both clear and easy to understand. If not, the University cannot determine that students have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. Assessments will, therefore, be marked accordingly including the potential for 0 (zero) marks where relevant. All assessment items must focus on the topics given in the specifications for each item. Any assessment items outside the required topic may be awarded 0 (zero) marks. All por...

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